Armored Claw Shooter Cold Weather – review

Armored Claw Shooter Cold Weather

When Autumn is having its best time, remember – Winter is coming. The days are getting shorter and the temperature around zero in the morning isn’t anything amusing. The airsoft season is still at its best, so it is worth to suit your gear components to the actual weather conditions. During the bigger and smaller ground frosts the gloves are soaking with the dampness of the environment we’re operating in, which causes a discomfort. But no worries, here comes the new Armored Claw gloves model – the Cold Weather, made specially for the harsh weather conditions.


Our gloves arrive in the simple, plastic bag with the cardboard that has the producer logo on it and the model name. It is nothing fancy, but surely does its work ;).


The whole construction contains four materials:
– the synthetic leather, which covers the inside part of the hand. There is also a special material on the tips of index finger and the thumb to make gloves able to work with the touch screens
– the Spandex, which makes gloves more elastic and gives better fit to the hand
– the Neoprene, which is placed on sides of every finger, around the wrist, on the inside part of hand and on the knuckles
– the Thinsulate 3M material, which makes the main difference between the Shooter and Shooter Cold Weather model – this material improves thermal comfort and is supposed to keep the dampness away.


The quality of manufacture

Amored Claw Shooter Cold Weather are available in 4 color versions:
– Sage Green (tested model)
– Tan
– Black
– Olive

The gloves are made with the proper attention to details – on the first sight I wasn’t able to notice any sticking out threads, and the sews are steady. After some longer examination I’ve found an issue with the velcro panels – both pieces of it are cut and sewed patchy. During the tests there are no using issues coming from it, but there is a high possibility that there will be a need to sew the velcro panels properly again.


To the material around the wrists, there have been sewed material loops for the easier and better fitting of the gloves. They are doing their job only in a half-way –inserting your finger to “open” the loop is almost impossible, when wearing this particular gloves. To make the situation worse – if you don’t wear the gloves and want to insert your bare finger into the loop, there is also a high possibility that it will take a while. I would highly suggest the producer to change the method of sewing those loops – instead of making only one point of attachment to the both sides of the loop, I would sew both of them separately and between some space.


In the middle of the gloves there is a producer logo made of black gum. It kinda improves the aesthetics of the product.


The most pivotal points of the inside part of the hand are additionally secured with the Neoprene pads.


As I have told you before – the top of the index finger and thumb have an additional material that makes them smartphone-friendly. In the index finger case we are forced to use the finger in a little unnatural way, because of the inside sews on the tip of it.


In order to examine the gloves better, I’ve turned one of them outside to look at the sews.






Unfortunately, the producer gave a lot of material stock on the tips of the index finger and thumb, which decreases the feeling of them when wearing the gloves. Remember that also the warm layer of the material decreases the feeling. However, to cheer you up – with the time of wearing the gloves, these sews should be softened, and the user comfort will be increasing ;).

My experiences

Talking about the first impressions after putting the gloves on – the warm layer drastically decreases the feeling abilities of the user’s fingers. This makes the manipulation of small object very hard, the same situations happens when you’re loading the magazines with ammunition. However, I would say that these are the overall problems of this type of gloves, not the problems of this particular model. Personally, I prefer thin gloves like the Mechanix or the simplest Nomex gloves (without any fancy pads or reinforcements).

But I don’t mean to say that these gloves are useless. Actually – I mean the opposite. These gloves are perfect for the cold weather patrols or some longer stops during the game – they are great to carry as a backup gloves. In the emergency situation – you can easily manipulate your replica with them. The finger fits easily to the trigger guard and is able to work with the trigger. The Cold Weather gloves seem to cover the user from the dampness (like moving in the wet morning grass), but a little pressure on any puddle will make them work as a sponge. Thanks to the Neoprene pads, making a pressure on rocks or other irregular objects is not really felt.


Armored Claw Shooter Cold Weather gloves are a very interesting and useful product, especially when the winters is coming (and we are playing during the winter too!). The Claw signed gloves are great for the long snow patrols, but I would deny their usefulness in the situations when we need to manipulate some small objects or take them out from the pouches. The major pro’s of this product is the great thermal comfort and the price. If someone really likes to keep his hands warm and looks for something to fulfill his needs for the winter games – I recommend these.

Cold Weather


  1. Scharf says:

    Przeczytałem test, co osoba to gusta, mi rękawiczki sprawowały się dobrze, są grube to fakt no ale takie powinny być. Oprócz loga które na maksa mi nie się nie podoba, dobry solidny kawałek szpeju za przyzwoitą cenę. Winter is coming, więcej spostrzeżeń niebawem ( kontakt z ogniem i śniegiem.)

    • Scharf says:

      Jestem po dość długim teście tych rękawic i muszę stwierdzić że naprawdę się sprawdzają. Bardzo dobry stosunek ceny do jakości, jest w nich bardzo ciepło ale nie gorąco, pomimo swojej grubości da się w nich bezproblemowo manipulować nawet małymi przedmiotami. Na zimę, bardzo przyjemne oporządzenie.

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