It is said that practice makes perfect. But in the airsoft? “It’s just running and gunning with bb guns, and the biggest job are doing the dollars that are put in the gearbox. A proper tactics and coordinated actions can change the situation drastically, so it is worth to train them from time to time with your team, instead of going only for the sunday skirmishes. But that could be topic of the team training? Here I come with the help.


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It’s the element of tactics that should be treated with the biggest attention because it’s hard to think about it during games – it must happen automatically. Most often the formations are kept until the first contact with the enemy. Then… there is chaos until the end of the game.


mężczyźni w mudnurach trzymający repliki ASG


You should try to do a few marches from A to B with simulated contact, recon, etc. The key is to keep the formation no matter what. When you’ll start to feel the progress, add some action – invite another team as the opfor. They will prepare ambushes or chase you and vice versa.


Work in Fire Teams

It’s a common situation to divide the team into smaller squads during the firefight – when few people will provide suppressive fire, the other part of the team will flank and get rid of the enemy. Sometimes during an ambush, you’ll have to break the contact and then rendezvous again somewhere after, which will require some skills in the navigation and radio operating. It’s as obvious as it may seem.


trening airsoftowy, dwóch mężczyzn z replikami airsoft


In radio communication, a proper form of the message is crucial, because it can’t be too long. On the map, the most important is to quickly find your position on the map and find the fastest route to the meeting point.


Hidden airsoft guns – ambush practice

Ambush training has many benefits. First of all, it allows you to train the skill itself as well as proper preparation of tactical equipment. It’s also a good chance to test the best set up of your inventory. Moreover, after the training, you may find it necessary to paint your airsoft replica or learn more about body camouflage. You can read about this in our previous post. Finally, ambush training is an opportunity to practice communication with the team and develop your own tactical signs.


przyczajony mężczyzna, replika ASG, mundur


The knowledge of a perfect ambush makes avoiding one a lot easier – you’ll know where would you hide, which means – where will the enemy hide. This will help in surviving the game for a longer period.

Let us know how does your team’s training look like? Maybe you don’t do any and just enjoy Sunday games? Feel free to comment!

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