Friday July 27th, 2018
hair trigger - example

Hair Trigger Mod: is it a good or bad thing in airsoft?

Currently, the airsoft market expands very dynamically and we are the witnesses of a lot of great and interesting inventions in the airsoft constructions. For the […]
Friday July 13th, 2018
nowe vs uzywane repliki asg

Licensed Airsoft Guns – a whim or an added value?

Airsoft and official licenses Is acquiring a license from firearm manufacturer prerequisite for Airsoft companies? Everyone remembers the scandal caused by the company which name starts […]
Monday June 4th, 2018

Airsoft Mike 40 Gas Grenade – is it too much?

Since the airsoft has gained its huge popularity, the market has been constantly growing. From time to time, we can hear about new, creative constructions that […]