DIY – Cleaning Colt 1911 replica (TM system)

DIY – Cleaning Colt 1911 replica (TM system) – R27 Army

The airsoft activity seems to be less dynamic during the winter, especially for the GBBs due to the weather conditions, so it’s the best time to take care of your back-up pistol. Today we’ll talk about the conservation of Colt 1911 replca and we’ll use R27 Army, which is made in the most popular TM system.

What’s needed:

The list of tools required for this job is quite short and contains:

– small and medium sized screwdriver
– hex key
– a couple of paper towels
– “oil for precise mechanisms”
silicone oil

Let’s start

First of all, the first thing to do should be the unloading the replica and clearing the barrel of any bb’s left. Maybe in the GBB replica it’s not that essential, but it’s a good habit for the future if you’re going to handle a real gun.

Pull the slide backwards and release it back to its starting position. There are some important elements marked on the pictures: the little cut in the slide, the slide catch latch and “button” on the other side of replica. The latch needs to be matched with the cut in the slide. Then you can push the lever from the body of 1911 and push the slide off.

Now there are another elements that you need to get rid of: barrel bushing, the recoil spring with its guide and spring bushing.

In order to take the barrel bushing, simply turn it by 45 degrees and pull it off. Now push the spring guide inside the bushing and pull the whole thing from the slide. Now you can easily slide the outer barrel from the front of the pistol slide.

This is called the field strip of our replica. But it’s not the end – we must go deeper ;). It’s time for the Blow Back Unit. There are 3 screws:

One on the rear sights.

The second one in the back of the slide, where the firing pin is supposed to be in the real firearm.

The third one inside the slide.

After taking care of these 3 screws, pull out the BBU. Be aware of the small cylinder spring!

Now there are only 2 parts more to have the slide fully stripped.

Pull the nuzzle to the back of the BB Unit and pull it up a little to get it out.

The last remaining element is the piston head. It’s held by one screw.

This way everything is disassembled and you can start to clean the separate parts. Put all the internals of the slide into a bucket with warm water and dish soap and clean it with brush. The second half of the pistol – the body can be cleaned up by the paper towels.

czyszczenie repliki

The last thing is to lube everything properly. Apply gently the silicone oil on:

– the piston head o-ring
– the inside of the nozzle
– the nozzle guides in the BBU

Apply the “oil for precise mechanisms” on:

– the slide guides
– outer barrel
– the recoil spring guide

Voila! You can live happy with your refreshed gas pistol replica. It is worth to mention, that a lot of issues with GBB guns can be fixed simply by proper cleaning of replica, before replacing any parts.

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  1. Jakub Idzkowski says:

    Może jakaś recenzja 1911 od army? Chętnie przeczytałbym co takiego!

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