Fedrunek 2016 ver. 2 maneuvers – a short report

Fedrunek 2016

How was it on the Fedrunek game? Well, it was tactical, cold, long and practically without sleep – just like the real commandos like it. In my opinion, this was one of the best game that I had taken a part in.

We went to this event in very small squad (but it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the quality!) – Scharf, vH and me. Guys from the Krynicka Grupa Operacyjna Lis joined us, so we had 12 players in our squad. A fun fact – our team leader was one of the most know men from the WMASG forum – Kuba :D.

Type of the game

A fight for the objectives and “uranium” that was being produced in 3 mines – you could pick up only one piece of it every full hour, and the chance to pick it up was lost after a minute. The maneuverings  lasted for full 24 hours without any break.

The place


Bełk, Ramża. The terrain is insanely diversified – there are clearings, high and low density forest parts and little hills having place right in the center of the map of the game, which were also the most important site in the game. The largeness of the terrain wasn’t very impressive, but because of the long time of the game and a lot of tactical objects placed everywhere – it wasn’t that much noticeable. And it was harder to get lost in the dark 😉


After a not really nice waking up ritual (of course haven’t got enough sleep)  I ate my breakfast, drunk coffee, made some more coffee for the ride, packed myself in the car and drove away to pick up vH and Scharf.


A standard pullover for hot dog and more coffee 😀



We have finally arrived. After the registration we took our maps with rules and dedicated death rags with the logo of the game. We said hi to everyone and had a few small-talks with the people. Then we went back to the car to put on some gear.



A short briefing to remind the rules of the game and get us known with our commandment and the coordinates of our bases. After Kuba regrouped us we went to our base to have the proper briefing. We’ve been divided into few fire squads and decided which radio frequency are we using to talk with the base.

Every fireteam had got its own cryptonym for the radio calls and was introduced to the procedure of identifying the rest of the team in the middle of the game – during the day with the non-verbal signs, during the night with the flashlights, and the universal way – the special call and response. We have also discussed our priorities in the operations.


The official start of the game. We’re moving to the first coordinates – our mission is to capture the hill and secure the terrain. The first part of our mission has been completed successfully, but the second one – not at all. Unfortunately, after a while we have been killed by the enemy, mainly by the sniper hidden somewhere in the bushes, who made everything chaotic. Well, it happens. We’re going back to the respawn point.


The hill is back in our hands and now we’re going for some short recon around the terrain, looking for the codes. We’ve managed to find the enemy respawn, which meant that their base was nearby. Because of the strong reaction of the opfor and their heavy fire we’ve decided to retreat back to our base and get some reinforcements.





We’re fighting for the hill again. This time, the blue team have entrenched their positions, so we decided to fall back a little and attack them from the other side – which appeared to be successful move. After securing the terrain we’ve got a message on the radio that we have to regroup in our base and prepare for the attack on the opfor base.


We’re slowly moving towards the opfor base. En route, we’ve found our second team fire squad and discussed the tactics with them. The plan was to do a synchronized attack from two sides. We’ve set ourselves to the positions and waited for the shoots of the second squad – which was the mark to go in and attack. The big firefight begins. Some of our men got killed during the assault, but we kept going forward and managed to get into the enemy base and kill the retreating enemy. We secured the place and started looking for the code for the case with uranium, but couldn’t find it.  As it turned out – there was no need for the code, the case was opened ;). Everyone have grabbed the portion of uranium and we went straight to our base – the enemy reinforcements were coming in a few minutes. Our commander was very pleased;).



When waiting for the kinda obvious counterattack of the enemy, we have positioned ourselves on the hill and observed the terrain around. At this moment, the dynamics of the game lowered a little and both of the playing teams are more focused on doing the objectives to get some points, than to fight with the enemy.


Scharf and vH decided to go for some recon around the enemy base, and I with guys from Lis have positioned ourselves on the hill.



We are exploring the little canyon near the hill and found the next code. A moment later – we have found the lighstick hidden in the old pipe. We heard some cracks of the branches – the enemy was coming.


The opfor opened fire from the parallel hill, but because of our terrain advantage, we positioned ourselves in cover and have waited for the next move of our enemy.


I’m going to flank the enemy and set a little trap on the flat terrain that connects the both of the hills, which was the only good place to do the assault. A moment later, the shots can be heard – the enemy is fighting with someone. I’ve quickly called buddies from Lis and we’ve attacked the busy opponent, doing a massacre on their squad. As it turned out – the guys who made the opfor busy were vH and Scharf ;). We’ve secured the area and waited for the total hour to “heal” the injured teammates (I was the medic). We’ve regrouped and went back to the base.



Time for some rest and relax in the base – it’s a high time to get the MRE rations out with all the heaters and of course, the coffee! We have also set the campfire, and the morale of everyone have doubled.


Aaaaaaand it’s dark. Time to finish the relaxing, load up the magazines and put the gear on to destroy something again. For start, we’ve done some recon around the terrain to check how’s the activity of the opfor team. From this moment, the action is stretching over a long period of time – because it’s dark and it takes more time to move silently.



We’ve got an order to regroup and prepare for an assault on the enemy base. We located ourselves on the road near the base and have waited for the rest of the Green Team.

The assault begins. It’s loud and very chaotic. You can see the flashes of the strong lights and hear a lot of cycles in the gearboxes. The enemy was suspecting the assault and trenched themselves in their base – their resistance was unbreakable. My teammates who survived  have fallen back with me. At the total hour I’ve “healed” everyone and we went for the full assault.


We approach the enemy again and literally rip them out of their positions one by one. We even managed to get into their base. What happened next? I don’t know, because some sneaky guy with a pistol ended my part of the assault.


Here comes the organizer of the game with some pizza’s :D. They have disappeared almost in a few seconds, and well-fed players are ready to complete next objectives. Our squad got the order to secure one of the mines and keep it ours for as long as possible. We’ve managed to get in there without any problems, made an entry about the capture of the mine and took one portion of the uranium. We are going to spend the next 3 hours laying on the ground and doing the entries in the mine.


The complications begun – some of us fell asleep and we’ve been woken up by a short burst of bb’s that went straight at us. 3 guys from the Lis died, and the rest of us have trenched around the mine and waited for the opponent without making any movements. After about half an hour, our patience lowered and we’ve started to flash the terrain in front of us. The firefight comes almost every minute and is stopped by the sounds of the enemy that is falling back, to attack from the other angle (I really appreciate the determination!)


I’m trying to flank the enemy, but unfortunately after 15 minutes of moving towards him I’ve got hit by some random burst of bb’s. Two guys from my squad are still alive and defend the position. I’m going to the respawn.



Kuba gives us an order to secure the terrain around our base and flash everything with lights to scare the potential enemy away. We’ve spread into wide line and made a circle around the base. A big part of the squad had just disappeared. I’ve got an order to defend one of the perimeters.


The tiredness and lack of sleep from the previous days are taking their toll. I’m going back to the respawn to have some rest and warm up near the campfire. I’ve managed to have a short half-an-hour sleep on the ground.


Time to wake up, also time for coffee – to warm up (the morning is very cold and damp, the temperature was about a 4*C) and energize. The main part of the team is having a rest after whole night of fighting.


Fully-geared and with full energy we are going back again to the mine.


We’ve got another portion of the uranium and got into defensive positions for another hour. Suddenly, our squad of four was attacked by a twelve-man squad, but we’ve managed to eliminate the whole treat. The biggest killstreak was made by vH, who even started to load his magazines with bb’s during the fight and got another 3 kills. We’ve transported the uranium back to the base.


The end of the game is near. Will the enemy try to get their uranium back? We’ve got an order to fortify on the hill. At the same time,  a little squad from Grupa Operacyjna Lis that counted 5 people, attacked the enemy base and stole the rest of their uranium. It is known, that they have the uranium hidden somewhere else. Scharf, vH and me have had only a short contact with our own team. The enemy didn’t show until the end of the game. We went to the mine one last time and went back to the base.


The end of the game. We are cleaning up the respawn and base, put out the campfire and go to the parking to take the gear off.


The ending brief – acknowledgements to the commanders, to the organizers and the announcement of the next edition of the game, which will take place in the spring. I have also got back my 2 lost magazines – special thanks for the honest finders!

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