Helikon Patriot – my experience & review

Helikon Patriot

The Autumn is already here, but the airsoft season still lives at its best. Some people may have a little problem when choosing their clothing for the skirmish because of the harsh weather conditions. But no worries, the Helikon Patriot will solve your problems.


The blouse is made of 390g/m2 polartec clone material. It guarantees the ideal heat comfort in Autumn or light Winter conditions, depending of how we configure other layers of our clothing. For example – for me at the 7*C temperature and medium physical activity, this polar blouse performs great with just an Under Armour shirt below it and a plate carrier on. In case of lower temperatures I complete it with the previously reviewed Helikon Trooper jacket and put some warmer layers of clothes under the Patriot – and I’ve never came home from the skirmish frozen. One of the biggest advantages of the Helikon material is the fact, that it is available in most popular camouflages, which can’t be said about the competitors.


What is strange, they are made of the polymer – only the moving part is made of metal. However, the whole construction seems to be quite solid and doesn’t give any signs of potential failure – I’m using my blouse for a couple of years now and there are practically no signs of wearing off.

To decrease the amount of dramatic cuts of the neck with the zippers, they were secured by a “hoodie” made of blouse material. It’s a very simple solution, but works like a charm.


Because Patriot is a super tacticool blouse, it has a lot of useful pockets that are layed out on the most of the polar surface – even if we manage to cover some of them with our equipment, it will be still possible to use the remaining ones. The pockets are placed:

On the left forearm. It’s an ideal place for the map of terrain, documents or just the red rag. Looking for the other uses – in case of skiing journey you can hide the Ski Pass card in it (well, a good polar isn’t only useful on the airsoft field, right? 😉 ).


On the both arms we can find more pockets, which have additionally sewed the 9x11cm velcro panels on the outside. The use of these pockets is rather standard – documents, map, red rag or the notepad with pencil. Everyone will fit there something for himself – there is some space to fulfill. Personally, I carry in this pocket my wallet with the documents and my car keys.


On the chest we have 2 more pockets. They are placed quite obviously to the Helikon cut – higher than in typical blouses. In case of wearing a plate carrier we won’t have quick access to those pockets. But their placement isn’t a mistake – during a stop or a walk we can easily keep our hands inside in order to keep them warm. Frankly, we don’t always carry a lot of gear on our chest, right? In the right pocket there is also a small compartment for little objects like home/car keys.


Under the armpits there are long zippers, that work as the ventilation ports. Unfortunately, there is a lack of any net in there, which means that during the crawling you’ll get a lot of things from the ground inside your Patriot.

The last pocket is placed on the back, on the level of kidneys. It can be opened from both sides and its capacity allows you to fit in things like spare gloves or polar beanie.


The Helikon Patriot has an additional reinforcements on the forearms, that also covers the elbows. They prevent the material from wearing off, for example – during crawling.


It’s regulated by 2 contractor on its beginning. It’s finished with the peak of cap (the sun also shines in the winter). The built of the hood allows you to move your head without any limitations in the depth of field and also covers the neck from freezing. Because of the thick material of the hood, it decreases the hearing perception of the user.

The back of the blouse

It is a little enlarged to protect the back from wind when you bend for something. On the bottom of the Patriot there are two additional contractors.


My experience and summary

I own my Patriot for about 5 (?) years and I still can’t say anything bad about it. The only issue is the flammable material – my blouse has a little loss of the polar material in one point, because of the bonfire spark. However, I use it for a couple of years during the cold weather conditions. I also often use it during the winter as a layer of clothing below the skiing jacket for the snowboarding – it is really warm in that combo ;).

Helikon Patriot w akcji
It is worth to say, that the Coyote Brown color works like a charm in the Autumn, when there is a lot of dry grass and the dark Polish woodland camo isn’t working that great anymore. This blouse doesn’t perform very well during windy days – it is worth to supply it with the additional outside layer, like the mentioned before Helikon Trooper. The big advantage of this blouse is also a various palette of the available camouflages – everyone should find something for himself. The Patriot is also one of the most common products on the airsoft skirmishes with the Liberty model, which is different from the Patriot only by not having the hood ;).

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  1. Krzysztof says:

    Ode mnie jedynie dodam że “Liberty” owszem nie ma kaptura a e jest wyczuwalne grubszy materiał (liberty wz. 93) ( patriot coyote brown)

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