Fury Player Strike II – Military Fantasy Days


After an successful last-year edition of this event, guys from Furia in Dąbrowa Górnicza decided to organize the next edition of this undertaking. Long story short – it’s a gathering that focuses on military topic, with some addition of fantasy and science fiction aspects – like post-apocaliptic theme, LARPs, board games or RPG games. Last year we have had our own exhibition. As a Perun we have participated in almost every activity that was possible – and there have been a lot of them! We also brought home a lot of expensive prizes.

This time, we have decided to not make the exhibition and stick to something more like a moving attraction for guests.

The place

The event had its place in the Muzeum Miejske Sztygarka in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The object offers a lot of parking space and a big place that can hold many exhibitions and a little stage for interviews and music concert. There is also a place that contains some tanks and mortars (I’m not really passionate about that things, so I won’t identify it, sorry! :P). On the other side of the road there is a nice and comfy park, which has an old mine below it, that’s also one of many of the attractions of that museum.

There were several attractions:

– a room with retro games (!)
– a modern consoles with games
– a RPG games room
– a battle games room
– a Horror Escape Room in old mine
– an airsoft shooting range with a tournament
– the Jugger tournament
– the Lancet airsoft group (cheers, guys!)

You could also meet the special guests:

– Krzysztof „Gregorius” Nancka – on of the founders of gamers24.pl
– Michał Cholewa – a writer known from military science-fiction
– Krzysztof „Grey” Studziński – the maker of popular airsoft tactics book and the Miękkopowierzni channel on YouTube
– Martin McKey – the internet security expert
– Przemysław „Młynarz” Mazur – an owner and instructor in the martial arts school Budo Jojo, also an airsofter
– Natalia „Firelu” Ród – a cosplayer, the co-organizer of model-making workshops
– Wojciech „Baloq” Marc – the moderator of wh40k.pl
– Paweł „Zarazza” Postulka – an airsofter and LARPer, also the leader of FAT Zabrze
– Marta Śliz – GameMusic.pl redactor , musician and a dancer
– Dominika Węcławek – a journalist and reporter
– Robert Szmidt – a polish science fiction and fantasy writer
Marta „Sarias” Parteka – the organizer of Zakonki 2016 and a cosplayer


We have arrived. During the free registration we’ve got an identification card on a leash, on which we had to write our callsigns on – it was necessary in almost all of the tournaments.


We had a little small-talk with guys from Lancet Team (of course, mainly about the gear they have ;)). During the registration there was also an opportunity to win your first prize – with the registration card everyone also got a metal coin, which could be traded for one play of darts. If you have scored at least 20 points in 3 throws – you’ll get a prize.

Because of the early time, there wasn’t a lot of people at the object, but thanks to that, we managed to take a little tour around the place to check all the attractions.


A moment later, there was an interview with Marta “Sarias” Parteka on the stage. She told us about what she does daily in her live and something about her participations in many gatherings. She have also mentioned her few journeys with cosplay and told us some tips of maintaining your cosplay and getting materials for it. This knowledge will definitely help in airsoft LARP games ;).



Time for one of the airsoft parts in FPS II. In the museum there was a specially prepared classroom for a lecture of well known and famous in airsoft environment – Grey. As it has turned out, the target of the lecture were typical airsoft beginners and there were only two of them present – the rest of people were veteran airsofters :D. Although, Chris did a great job and everyone in the lecture have gained some new and useful knowledge.

Grey introduced us some drastic differences between replicas and firearms and also explained us how to use them for our advantage on the field, when doing tactical airsoft stuff. He also told us some “behind the curtains” stories from organizing the Camp SNAFU airsoft maneuvers, from which Grey is so popular person in airsoft world, in accompaniment of his free airsoft tactics book.



Soon after the Grey lecture, we went to another classroom when our friend Zarazza was preparing for a short lecture about differences in LARP and ASG games. He explained us how different are the mentalities of strict airsoft players and strict LARP players, and introduced his own solution for that conflict of interest, that could combine the LARP players imagination with realistic airsoft players equipment – to make the both type of players happy.


We have also seen a short promo movie from the previous edition of Stargate ASG/LARP game, and got some leaflets with invitation for the next edition called “The crumbs of madness” (in literal translation). This time the story will be even more expanded and there will also be a lot of objectives based on QR codes, which appears to be a very innovative solution. Because of the large expansion of the topic, the lecture was prolonged for extra half hour, but it wasn’t an issue for anyone ;).


There is not really that much to talk about – after two interesting lectures we have been hungry not only for the knowledge, so we went to KFC. There will be no picture – it’s not an instagram ;).

After the meal we had some free time before the shooting tournament to spend, so we played Contra in Retro Gaming section.



The next airsoft part of Military Fantasy Days – the shooting tournament. It had 3 steps elimination. The tournament replica was the KWA m4 with real cap magazine (respect!). In the first step, everyone had 7 shots (2 for test and 5 that were awarded with points) in different shaped and prized targets. The easiest one were worth 1 point, the smaller ones – 2 points. The hardest to hit were worth 3 points, but they were not only small, but also had a lot of holes, in which the 6mm pellet would easily fit. The shape was exact same as the biohazard sign. Only direct hits of plate were awarded with points – if bb flew straight through the target you didn’t get anything, so it was a little tempting trap.


The second stage required not only a good eye, but also some speed. The eliminations were played in pairs, where both of the players had the same gun with one real cap and had to shoot down 8 bottles placed on 2-level stand. The player, who shot all the targets first, wins.

The third stage was no different from the second one, but the fight was for place on the podium.


Because we had to wait for the prize giveaways, we’ve decided to play Black Ops Zombies for a while. After a moment, a man came to us and offered to take a part in tournament of this game. We agreed and even managed to survive a few rounds :D.


The event is slowly coming to its end – a lot of exhibitions disappeared and the majority of people went to the prize give away. Like a year ago – we’ve got a lot of expensive prizes, that you can see in the picture below.



The electric music concert begins – the start of Jean-Michel Jarre famous Oxygene can be heard, when we’re slowly going to our car, to go home after whole day spend with Furia.



I consider this event successful. However, it’s a pity that it’s not as popular as it should be, because the Military Fantasy Days have a really big potential. Frankly, the prizes that are present in the giveaway are really worth a while to spend in some fun tournaments. We’ve been there last year, we’ve been there this year, and we will definitely be there next year ;).

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  1. Pamela says:

    Witam. Totalnie przypadkowo właśnie od tej imprezy zaczęła się moja przygoda z asg. Na wspomnianym konkursie strzelając z kwa zająłem co prawda drugie miejsce. Ale dzisiaj jestem szczęśliwym posiadaczem repliki Kwa i mam własny team. A to wszystko dzięki mojej małżonce Malgorzacie.

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