A lot of airsofters have only one main replica in their armoury. At the beginning of their journey with this great hobby, it’s fully understandable – why the one I’ve got would break, it has so many tough parts inside! Well, Murphy’s Laws are doing their best in our daily lives, so they in the airsoft reality. One day our only gun can break during the game (worst case scenario) or the day before. To prevent that, it’s highly recommended to get a back-up gun. After months of saving money, you’ve decided to buy one. You go to the website and… what to do next?


jaką replikę zapasową wybrać?


You clutch your head in disbelief – there is so many options available. The choide paradox kicks right in.

However, you need fight that paradox – the choice of getting the gun is made, you only need to put the proper one in the virtual basket and checkout. What paramaters should you take into consideration?

The power source

Due to the enormous vurnelability of the gas blow-back rifles, don’t even think about getting one as a backup. They need to be serviced frequently, need lots of money for mainteance and doesn’t work properly in all conditions.

The magazines


jakie magazynki do repliki zapasowej

The best move is to get the backup gun that takes same magazine type as your main replica. It saves a lot of money both for the extra magazines and equipment, that would be bought with gun in different magazine system. Getting a replica with different magazines would ruin completely the idea of the backup gun. Can you imagine changing the whole loadout in the parking lot when our buddies need us the most? No? That’s why you get similar carbine – quick swap in the car trunk and you are ready to rock.

The muzzle velocity


jaki gearbox do repliki zapasowej

I highly recommend to quit the race for maximum amount of fps. It will make the gun more failover due to the higher stress of internal parts, trust me on this one. The common “400 fps” stock should fulfill all your needs. However, you should also consider getting a 350 fps backup replica – it could be used in CQB, so you’ll get a CQB and backup gun for the price of just one. Simply clever.

How about a spring-powered shotgun?

If the money is tight – don’t give up. Just get a spring-powered shotgun and don’t regret anything. The cheapes one keep a price equal to two packs of premium bb’s, so why not to get one for the backup? It doesn’t require any power source, but your own muscles. You can always lend it for a friend who wants to try airsoft or take it for a spring-only game.


strzelba jako replika zapasowa?

If you don’t like the cheapest models, look for models that take shells as magazines – they shoot 3 bb’s at once, which works wonderful in the CQB games.

And what’s your backup gun choice? Write a comment and tell us!


  1. Dariusz Fan LEGO Piotrowski says:

    A ja to sobie wymyśliłem tak.
    Po dwóch mało przemyślanych zakupach(MP5 JG i MP5 Cymy) wzrok skierowałem na dwie repliki: M4 CQB-R od EA i M27 IAR od VFC/Umarex. Oczywiście cena przemawiała za pierwszą(bo zarabiać dopiero zacznę) i w końcu wylądowała w domu. Po lekcji jakiej dało warszawskie SD na nocnej strzelance plan był prosty:
    Z M4 wyciągam ile się da na mocy do 350 fps. Wejdzie do budynku, będzie miała zasięg, a w nocy nie będzie robiła krzywdy w najgorszym wypadku(Przynajmniej takiej jak pukawka z 450 fps)
    A kiedy dorobię się M27 to wkładam HPA, zamykam ją w 450 fps i heja banana. Mam repkę zapasową(M4) która wpuści mnie wszędzie i główną HPA która mnie nie zawiedzie, a jeśli, zawsze jest eMka 🙂

  2. gratek says:

    Z zapasem trzeba uważać, bo od zapasu do kolekcji jeden krok 😉

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