Magpul Comrade – AK-104 PMC by E&L

Magpul Comrade

Magpul Comrade

You have probably already read my article about the tacticool AK’s (if you haven’t – you can read it here), so today we’ll swap from the theory to the practice. I introduce you the Magpul Comrade – our team modification of the E&L AK-104 PMC replica from the first generation. As it usually happens in Perun, this particular replica didn’t stand that long in its stock configuration and have went through some changes both internally and externally. Talking about the internals, there were some basic service changes like new wiring and the installation of MOSFET, change of the greases and proper shimming of the gears. After those changes the AK performs pretty well.

But we are airsofters – one not only lives with the performance of his gun, there must be a swag!


It’s a common knowledge that the E&L replicas are made with the Russian thought – there are mainly no other materials than the cold steel, which makes it different from the most of the popular BOYI, CYMA and even the G&G made replicas. The whole construction is a very tight-fitted – there are no wobbles, even the micro ones.

The body is in the dark-grey color. It’s an effect of the method of cold bluing. Unfortunately, this kind of coverage isn’t that resistant for the harsh weather conditions, specifically – the dampness.




It is worth to remember about that, especially when we are the opposite of the Plush Airsoft and play also in the rain or during the winter. After that type of game you must clean your replica and conserve it properly – there is a possibility of having rust on the AK body if you won’t maintain it correctly.



The fire selector, besides the fears (or PTSD :D) from other AK type replicas – has no wobbles, works with the proper resistance and every change of the fire mode is signalized with characteristic “click” sound.


The characteristic AK-104 flash hider has been swapped for the more aggressive and multifunctional (it can be used to break glass!) steel LCT model.


The PMC version of the AK-104 has the built-in M4 type buffer tube, which drastically increases the potential ergonomics of the AK. The buffer tube itself has also two holes (on the both sides) for the sling mount.


In our model, we have mounted the original PTS CTR stock. The regulation of its positions is perfectly smooth and doesn’t require much force. However, there are no wobbles characteristic from the cheaper replicas.

The stock AK pistol grip has been changed for the much more comfortable one made by the PTS – the US Palm grip.

It has much more ergonomic shape and the characteristic facture that increases the friction effect, and what goes with it – it decreases the possibility of losing the proper grip when the shooter has dirty or wet hands.

The polymer front grip and the gas tube cover have been changed for the Magpul made components, that are created for the real firearm – the Magpul Zhukov handguard. Because of the excellent mapping of the real steel measurement, this part works like a charm with the E&L replica – the handguard sits solid with no wobbles and needs some force to mount it – like in all AK guns.

Besides the bigger swag-meter – Zhukov really does its job and greatly increases the comfort and ergonomics of the Mikhail Kalashnikov platform.


Even the magazines couldn’t run away from the modernistic spirit. The “kosher” steel AK magazines have been replaced with the polymer US Palm magazines, which weigh definitely less and have the easier to grip facture, that makes pulling them out of the poaches easier.



These magazines are made of very durable, black polymer. The quality of the magazines is flawless – everything is perfectly smooth.

In the Magpul Comrade there are no optics – the AK iron sights work like a charm.



The Magpul Comrade project has everything best – both the classic Soviet cold steel and the XXI century ergonomics, while looking badass. This particular replica inspires the admiration in everyone who sees it, especially in the people that are on the other side of the barrel 😉

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