Fedrunek 24H vol. 3 – a short report

The event took place at the 13-14th May 2017, and it was a third edition of the 24 hour long game, and the second one that I took a part in (and also made a report from it). This time the game was even more challenging, thanks to the expanded map and changed locations of bases and uranium mines. We also went to the game in bigger team, than year before: Scharf, Białas, 44, Maniek and me. We also cooperated with Sprinter Custom Ghillie.


Manewry Fedrunek 24H


The kitlist


Manewry Fedrunek 24H


  • a chestrig with Angry Warrior poaches, set inspired by the DC3R
  • my duty belt from I line article, but with elastic M4 poaches and Angry Warrior medpack
  • a Wisport Sparrow 16 backpack
  • a Viperhood Pro from Sprinter Custom Ghillie


The place

Manewry Fedrunek 24H
Like the two previous editions of the game, the third one also took place in the Bełk, Ramża. I have already mentioned all the pro’s of this terrain in previous article. Long Story short – after the expansion of game map there was a lot of walking and things to do.


Manewry Fedrunek 24H
Like in the 1st and 2nd edition, the main objective was to claim three uranium mines, that aren’t marked on the map. Points could be also gained by exploring the terrain and collecting the codes from points marked on the map. Coming back to the mines – the game master improved whole system with a special electronic device similar to the chess timer – but with green and blue lights.

Standard pit-stop for a coffee and hot dogs. Classic.

Manewry Fedrunek 24H


We arrived to the place. Scharf went to the Green Team additional briefing, and I had a lot of time to wake up, have a small-talk with other players, register myself and load the equipment. Because we were doing a recon job this time in the Viper Hoods, I’ve painted my face with the BCB face paint.

Manewry Fedrunek 24H
I’m ready to go. The rest of players and my team also arrives at the place.


After a slight delay, we finally have the global game briefing – Krazuak mentioned  all the rules, objectives and time of the game again. Like a year ago – Kuba took the Green commandment. After a while Kuba divided us into fire-teams and we went to our base.
Manewry Fedrunek 24H
We are in the base. Time to drop the equipment on the ground and have another, last briefing before the game starts. Kuba has the idea of making a fake base, which we begin to build about 100 meters from the real one, that’s covered with the camouflaging mesh. We didn’t forget about the details like fake case for uranium, a white card with the base markings and a lot of reinforced obstacles for defense.

Manewry Fedrunek 24H

Manewry Fedrunek 24H

Manewry Fedrunek 24H


Manewry Fedrunek 24H
The game begins and we start our reconnaissance. After 15 minutes we found first objective, and a moment later – the second one. After sending the itel to Kuba, we went deeper into the field. No enemy contact at this moment.

We’re on the hill and observe the terrain around us. The enemy can be heard from the long distance, but there is still no visual contact. We’re going further into the hill.

There is a visual contact with the Blue Team on the other side of hill. Unfortunately, Scharf gets hit as first, Białas too. Me and 44 are doing a fast retreat with suppressive fire in the enemy direction. At the same time Sprinter and David are flanking them, which ended in wiping out the whole enemy squad. We’re securing our position and waiting for the respawn of our friends, while a few Blues are trying to take us out. Thanks to the fire and terrain advantage, we manage to defend ourselves pretty easily. There are no more casualties in our fireteam.



We do a rendez vous with Scharf and Białas on the top of hill. At the same time, a bigger amount of enemy arrives to our position, but we still manage to keep them away. After long firefight, the enemy retreats. David and Sprinter went 30 meters straight to check the hill for objectives and found out a card with code and coordinates to the uranium mine. We send message to the Kuba via GSM (to avoid any wiretapping). After that we went for more objectives in the south of map.



We have found next objective and move further. Few hundred meters away, we had a contact with enemy, but we have broken it as fast as we could and set defensive positions for a while, to avoid any tails. However, the enemy decided not to pursue us (or the Viper Hoods did their job?). Now we start to approach another point slowly…



We’ve managed to get to the enemy flank, probably almost at the exit of their base – there was a whole lot of them, so we just stayed in the bushes as long as we could. Unfortunately – the firefight started and everyone expect for me got hit (I had the best spot and enemy wasn’t even looking for me). Because I was alone and in the unknown, I’ve decided to switch for auto mode and send few burst before my glorious death. However, I didn’t expect such a powerful response from all sides and my face was sprayed with random bb’s shot at my potential direction. At least I’ve got some frags. I went on my way back to base, but some complications appeared… in the navigation nature ;).



A short rest in the base and boosting the morale with snacks and sweets and water. After that we packed and went into the field again.

Manewry Fedrunek 24H

According to the Garmin GPS, we’ve already reached the destination… but there is nothing here. We split out for two pair and scan the terrain for the objective. However, instead of the card, I’ve found the uranium mine with glowing blue light and man putting the blue flag on it. Instead of taking him out, we’ve decided to wait and send a message on radio to the rest of the team. It turned out, that there was not only one individual, but a whole Blue Team squad. Everything ended with Białas getting hit and heavy suppressive fire on me I looked like a bush, so they decided to spread the bb’s everywhere until I’ve also got hit.



A short episode of attack on our base, which was quickly stopped – we’ve managed to hit most of the enemy squad and the rest of them broke the contact. We’re going back to our base.

We team up and have an order to conquer the second mine. Despite being the larger group with bigger firepower, we didn’t manage to mark the objective with green light – almost everyone got hit, especially the field medics. Sprinter and I managed to survive – we moved to the nearest defensive position and started waiting for the reinforcements.



After a long dead silence on the radio I’ve decided to call Scharf’s mobile. It turned out, that there was an organization issue and game has been paused. We went back to the base in complete darkness and used the break for food, coffee and rest.



Manewry Fedrunek 24H
The game is continued and we are going for another assault on the second uranium mine, but this time with the RQS Airsoft team guys have night- and thermovision, so you can easily predict the result of the fight. However, the enemy gave a powerful resistance and the firefight lasted very long. We’ve finally set the green flag on the mine and turned on the proper light color for our team. After that we’ve set the defensive position around the mine and took the uranium every full hour.


I’m change the position and set myself right in the uranium mine in defensive position. It’s getting very cold and damp.


We regrouped at the mine and set a break for coffee and snacks, because there is no single sign of enemy movement nearby. Maybe they’ve forgot about us? Two last uranium portions, few patrols around the mine and we went straight back to the base with the goods.


We’re back at our base. Kuba sent us to the nearby defense station on the road to keep an eye on the outside of our base. A moment later whistle can be heard, which is the sign of the enemy contact of base. We run straight to the firefight and manage to defend our base despite the casualties.


The early end of the game –  thanks to the morning deserters on the both sides of conflict. We had some small-talk and went home to sleep off the 22-hour long game.

Who won Fedrunek 24H?

The Green Team ;). Despite all the doubts and some failures in the field, we’ve managed to score more points than the opposite team. Thanks for the game – both for our team and the tough enemy. I’m 100% sure that I’ll show up at the next edition of this event and I’ll choose the Green Team again.

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