My EDC – by Sinister Boar


There is a huge habit in the tactical/survival environment to define everything that you carry as EDCEvery Day Carry. Generally it means all the shit that you have with you on daily basis (which is quite obvious) – and this shit should make you a Sheepdog in the society of ordinary Sheep.

So what is it all about? Who needs it and why? So many questions but the answers are few. First of all, I can speak only for myself, but for me EDC is a way of protection against the feeling of uselessness. I hate that feeling. I like to be able to handle everyday situations, even the most trivial, that require use of some tools.

I can divide my EDC into lines, just like my gear. Each line has its own philosophy, its own use. I try to keep it simple. I really don’t like people who brag about ton of weird stuff that they carry, but can’t really explain why. They just do because it’s cool. Or tacticool.

Line 1. Clothes

A lot of people tend to omit this aspect. But what use do I have from super tactical knife that can help me survive in difficult situation in the middle of the forest, if I don’t have proper clothes that will provide me with (at least) thermal comfort? I see people who are not prepared for weather conditions all the time. When it’s sunny – they don’t have sunglasses. When it’s raining – they use umbrellas (yeah, I think that umbrella is the most stupid thing that you can use. It won’t protect you from rain, it limits your movement, you need to use your hand and it is simply annoying to everyone around). But let’s get back to the Line 1.

  • First of all – shoes. Most of the time I use trekking shoes or light, urban shoes in the Summer. The decision about shoes should be up to you – if you like wearing sneakers then do it. For me the most important thing here is simple question – will you be able to walk from one end of the city to another in case of weather breakdown?
  • Pants – of course I love all kind of tacticool trousers, especially those from Helikon. I also think that pants from Decathlon are really decent, for example Solongo – comfortable and practical. But most of all, they need to have a lot of pockets. I can’t imagine my life without pockets.
  • Jacket – I always try to have an additional jacket in my backpack. But it’s not always possible.

My clothes have to be comfortable, dirt-resistant, practical and light.

Line 2. Pockets

There’s a lot more stuff here:

    • Knife – right now I use Ortalio RAT II. I chose model II because I have quite big hands so it fits them better. I ALWAYS carry my knife with me, even when I wear suit on a wedding. A man without a knife is just… not cool.
    • Multitool – I use Wingman from Leatherman. The version with clip allows me to carry it in comfortable way, it’s not that heavy or annoying to have. By far it allowed me to perform 100% of things I needed to do in the field conditions. It is very sturdy so I can even use it as a hammer.

Leatherman Wingman

  • Wallet – from Baribal. I really like this wallet.
  • Watch – Casio W-735H, waterproof and durable. It is a second Casio in my life – I used the first one for 10 years and finally got bored with it.
  • Surival braclet – obviously!
  • And the last and probably the most useful part of Line 2. – first aid kit. There were several occasions when I had to use it on the street to perform a first aid. I really encourage everyone to familiarize with rules of first aid and have courage to react when situation requires it. And always carry first aid kit. Sometimes even giving someone small plaster can be a big help 🙂

I use EDC First Aid Kit from SurvivalTech. It is really great and I truly recommend it!


Apteczka SurvivalTech

Line 3. Waist Bag

I use EDC waist bag from Baribal, previously I have a larger version but it was really enormous – far too big for everyday use. Too big and too heavy. So I ordered smaller version. Inside you can find:

  • Flint – for emergency fire
  • Painkillers – always handy
  • G-Light B250 flashlight – small, useful and quite strong
  • PETZL Tikkina 2 head lamp – when I need to use my both hands
  • Spork – key element of my EDC 😉
  • Lansky knife sharpener


  • Microfibre for my glasses
  • Victorinox card
  • Waterproof notebook
  • Pen
  • Zip ties – best friends of every airsofter
  • Lighter with custom engraving

Ku przygodzie!


That’s just perfectly enough to handle most of situations I can encounter in the city. Pretty light set, not too many things. And above all – very practical. I used to carry a lot of useless stuff but recently, following the latest tacticool fashion, I reduced my stuff to things I actually use (or at least I think are useful).

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