My EDC – what do I carry and why?

Basically everyone who #digsit has heard the term “EDC”. To be honest, EDC exists probably since the very beginning of mankind, but only recently humanity has given it the specific name in order to make money (like with many other social, cultural and other phenomenon). Something that people have been doing for ages now has been defined and baptised, with multiple fanpages and internet forums  – it’s just how things are. The same goes for EDC, defined as Every Day Carry. We all have our own EDC, our girlfriends and sisters, our grandparents and bosses. Although they don’t really know that. Very often the content of woman’s purse is 17 times more practical and well-thought than the “tacticool” EDC of urban operator-wannabes. But we – tactical rednecks – give much more attention to our EDC sets hoping that “when shit finally hits the fan” it will save our sorry asses. We feel much more comfortable and safe with 1,5 kg gear in our pockets. And it is great!

I can talk about the philosophy of EDC for hours and I will cover it in a separate text, so now let me describe my own, every day EDC. I know that my co-authors are working on similar subject and later we will prepare some summary/comparison/discussion. Let’s go, then!



Line 0. / pants

The core, the basis, the essence. Line 0 is what we carry in our trousers – every time and everywhere. Some people treat Line 0 more line Line 1 by adding for example cargo to the belt, but I prefer a separate module. So my basic line is:

  • Folding knife (for now Sanrenmu – exactly! It is cheap and I won’t regret much if I lose it or break it, and at the same time of decent quality. And trust me, I tend to break and lose expensive knives a lot).
  • Wallet (instead I use pouch from Jack Wolfskin, it’s got size of credit card. It is perfect for front pocket in UTP pants). I’m thinking about getting kydex wallet, you know which one – those two pieces with shockcord.
  • Phone (just a regular smartphone that will fit my pocket, I don’t need no “tactical hammer”)
  • Keys & pocket knife (Nite Ize carbine + keys + Classic from Wenger, attached to my belt using the Tasmanian Tiger keyholder).
  • Bayoneta belt


Line 1. / waist bag

Just as important as Line 0. Here I carry my “specialist” stuff, like flashlight or multitool. I know a lot of people use EDC waist bags, but only some treat them as EDC. I never leave mine and always carry it with me – at work, in toilet, drinking beer with friends, watching a movie in theater – it doesn’t matter. At the same time I never put there my key EDC elements like phone, wallet or knife. In such case loosing the waist bag would mean we’re 100% screwed. And it’s much easier to lose waist bag than you pants. So what can we find inside? Well, the content has been evolving for a very long time, but finally my experience and common sense allowed me to achieve the golden mean:

  • Multitool (Wingman from Leatherman – it’s got perfect set of tools, well maybe except some space for bits)
  • Lighter (classic Zippo)
  • Flashlight (S360 from G-Light – you can find my detailed review HERE)
  • Duct tape
  • Zip ties
  • NRC foil
  • Notepad (waterproof one from BCB)
  • Pen
  • Chewing gum
  • Micro first aid kit (disposable gloves, CPR mask, plasters including the ones with alcohol, hydro-gel bandage, Ibuprom, calcium and magnesium)
  • Small backup BIC lighter (Zippo is cool but not always reliable)

And everything fits perfectly into the Cubby from Husar. Before Cubby I used Hip Bag from Wolfgang which was big enough to carry a lot of useless stuff. Buying a smaller waist bag gave me an impulse to get rid of some of them, for example flint, headlamp, knife sharpener or paracord.


Line 2. / backpack

While I always carry my waist bag with me, I sometimes leave my backpack at home, in changing room or on rack. In my backpack I carry a lot of stuff that is very useful, but not key to my survival (that sounds weird, doesn’t it?). Such as:

  • Rain jacket
  • Wet wipes
  • Matches
  • Powerbank / phone charger



Is it too much? I don’t really think so. The above-mentioned set has never failed me before, on the contrary – it saved my ass multiple times. Of course never in a life-threatening or survival situation, more like a regular prose of life. But it is the prose of life that can be our most demanding enemy, that’s why it is a good idea to Carry Every Day. Doesn’t matter if your folks sometimes treat you like a freak – they will change their minds once they are saved by your sharp knife, duct tape or pliers.

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  1. Piotr says:

    Spieszę z pomocą – autorem polskiego tłumaczenia EDC jest użytkownik forum skrywający się pod nickiem MsbS.
    Tłumaczenie po raz pierwszy ujrzało światło dzienne 14 września 2012 r.

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