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Mora Companion

I don’t really believe I need to convince you that line of Swedish Mora knives is undoubtedly classic of the classics. Blades from Mora have been described, reviewed and discussed over and over again, so my attempt to write something new and fresh about flagship model – Companion – can be treated as something between courage and foolishness. And yet – I’m about to do it! But neither to convince you about greatness of this model, especially compared to more expensive ones, nor to persuade you to buy it. I just want to share my experience and sheer delight of using it.

Maybe after reading this entry some of you will check what is it all about those knives. Or maybe even join other satisfied users. The brand is present in the market for many many years and yet it does not cease to surprise. Just have a look at the newest models like the first “neck” called Eldris or long-awaited “full tang” – Garberg. But that’s something for other time. This time let’s focus on Companion.


At first I’d like to say, that I’ve never been a huge fan of fixed blade knives, even in the forest. Folder knives i used – and still use – were usually versatile enough. I use them for EDC, when I need to construct a camp in the woods, prepare a meal in outdoor conditions, dig a hole etc. Everytime I needed something heavier – I used an axe or saw. I never felt i missed a “camping knife” with fixed blade.

BUT – when I got my first Mora (some kind of carbon steel Frost model, can’t really remember which ome) it turned out, that fixed blade knife can be just as good companion ( 😉 ) as folder. Since then I had quite a few of them, but Companion was the best. To be honest – it is still my favorite knife, not only from Mora, but probably in general. In the city I carry folder, but when I have a chance to switch it to Companion – I always do. It is so good I just want to use it!


Companion is very comfortable to use. Hilt is covered with TPE rubber and provides user with firm grip – doesn’t matter if our hand is wet, dirty or wearing glove. Small crossguard protects hand from touching the blade. For me, using Companion is pure pleasure – comfortable hilt & efficient Scandinavian blade is perfect for planing, cutting or slicing. Versatility is definitely a strong point of Companion. We can use it to work with wood or prepare our meal – not only in forest.

I for example keep one Companion as a backup knife in my kitchen and some of my friends admit to do the same thing. I used it to dig, pick, lever and hit and never broke it. Of course, in the Internet we can find sad descriptions and pictures of destroyed Mora knives, but so far I’m lucky. And even if I broke my Companion there is another advantage, probably the biggest…


Price/quality ratio

Price of Companion is simply ridiculous and the quality we get for the money is very hard to beat. Not only in the field of knives, but generally considering outdoor equipment. We can use it with no mercy and even if we break it or lose it – buying a new one won’t be painful to our wallet.

About losing it: it is worth to mention a very neat sheath. It is stiff and without any additional locks or protection – we just have to push the knife inside until we can hear distinctive “click”. That’s why it is very easy to draw and at the same time we don’t need to worry about losing it. I have to admit – at first I was worried about such solution, it looked quite uncertain to me. But after few years I can see that it is actually very hard to make our knife fall out of the sheath. It is also equipped with clip so we can attach it to our belt, pocket or even backpack. The whole set (knife & sheath) is extremely lightweight – only 120 grams.


Back to the blade – as you probably know, some of Mora knives are available in two versions: stainless steel and carbon steel. I really prefer the first version. Sandvik steel is a piece of really solid blade and, what’s really important, it is really easy to sharpen. Few moves on even the simplest sharpener can get it back in shape. Another feature that makes Companion really “user friendly” 😉


Mountain trip, camping, airsoft skirmish, kitchen drawer, car, toolbox, BOB bag or even as EDC – wherever and whenever we use Companion it should do the job. What else do we need? And there’s one more thing we need to remember – we should never treat knives from Mora as “poor cousins” of expensive, high quality knives, despite the ridiculously low price. Mora knives are commonly used by lots of fans of outdoor activities, boy-scouts, survivalists and other enthusiasts. And there is a good reason for that.

Pros & Cons:

+ versatility

+ comfortable hilt

+ very good sheath

+ universal blade, easy to maintain

+ price/quality ratio





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  1. Jakub Idzkowski says:

    Świetny tekst. Uwielbiam mojego companiona i używam go bez litości. Mam nadzieję na więcej tekstów o nożach. Może o Eldrisie? Bardzo ciekawy maluszek i przymierzam się do jego zakupu.

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