Claw Gear Nomex Aviator Gloves – review

Rękawice Nomex Aviator Gloves od Claw Gear

There is already an article about the winter gloves and reinforced ones, so it’s time to look on something a bit lighter. To step out of the Armored Claw monotony gloves on this blog, I’ve decided to get myself a pair of Claw Gear gloves. My old (but loved) GFC Nomex gloves have died a while ago, so I had an opportunity to get a new product. My choice were the Nomex Aviator Gloves.


The package

It’s extremely minimalistic, I would say. The gloves are sent in foil, that’s all. No markings, no labels. I don’t really mind the packaging, because I usually throw it away quickly after the purchase.


The materials

The Swiss producer says that his products are the “Premium military equipment”, which should be considered as a sign of great durability and quality materials. Is the Claw Gear right

The heart of the construction is the Nomex IIIA DuPont material. It’s a mixture that contains 93% of Nomex, 5% of Kevlar and 2% of the antistatic fabric. The Nomex IIIA fulfills a lot of standards, which are:

  • NFPA 1975
  • ASTM F1506
  • NFPA 70E
  • NFPA 2112


Nomex Aviator Gloves - Nomex IIIA DuPont
Nomex Aviator Gloves - syntetyczna skróra

The palm side of the hands has an additional layer of the synthetic leather. The producer didn’t give any information where it comes from, however it seems to be quite durable – during my usage I wasn’t able to tear it. Also I haven’t spot any discolorations in this material.


The quality of the gloves

Nomex Aviator Gloves - strona zewnętrzna
Nomex Aviator Gloves - strona wewnętrzna


Let’s not deceive ourselves – the Nomex Aviator gloves are a copy of the legendary Nomex US Army pilots gloves. It’s just an ageless construction that does its job properly – you can’t reinvent the wheel. The sewing is properly and aesthetically done.


Nomex Aviator Gloves - szwy

Nomex Aviator Gloves - szwy

However, I have found an issue with the fitting of the artificial leather to the palm side of right hand. In the left glove the problem wasn’t present, so I suppose that it’s a manufacturing defect. Be aware and check your gloves after purchase, and then eventually replace them with new ones. It just happens – especially in that price level of products.

The sewing on the tips of the fingers is done almost perfectly and is impalpable.

The inside of the wrists has a piece of elastic band, that keeps the gloves secured on the user’s hand.


In the internal side of the gloves, we can find a simple, white label with the producer’s logo and size. If you like to roll up the long gloves – I would suggest to remove the labels first ;). Talking about the materials color, I personally find them a little too bright for the woodland area. They need some time to get dirty from the usage and the issue shouldn’t exist anymore.

Coming back to the inside of gloves – it’s really soft and pleasant to the hands, which greatly increases the overall wearing comfort. The Nomex material tends to pill a lot, but it doesn’t affect the usability – it’s just the aesthetic issue.


The use

As I have already said before – these gloves are incredibly comfortable – you can wear them for a long time and forget about the additional layer between the hand’s skin and equipment. Manual operations with small objects are still doable – even the regulation of the AR15 replica hop up unit. The Aviators are also exploitable with the pyrotechnics, because they are inflammable – a short exposure to fire won’t affect our hands, which is important when using a lot of smoke grenades. The gloves have also long sleeves that give more protection surface for the skin.

On the other side, these type of gloves doesn’t give a slight protection from cuts and sharp edges – it’s not their purpose . This knowledge is critical, because some users may harm themselves. Operating handguns in Aviators is easy as pie. Thanks to the thin layers of material, the Aviators don’t make the hands heat too much, which is crucial in the summer season.



Nomex Aviator Gloves – the summary

If you’re looking for lightweight and inflammable gloves for a low price, and don’t require much protection, then the Nomex Aviator Gloves is the product for you. After the purchase, I would look for any manufacturing defects like are present in my pair. For now, I’m satisfied with them and I think that they’ll be commonly used in my loadouts ;).

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