DIY: the last bb problem in the Specna Arms magazines

Specna Arms magazines– the last bb problem

The Specna Arms STANAG magazines are very popular on the market nowadays and it’s pretty hard not to find someone who is using them in every skirmish. They work with pretty much every gun on the market and feed well even the 0,3 g bbs. What’s the most important, they’re also dirt cheap, so anyone can afford them in bulk packages for longer games. However, they’re not a flawless product. There is an issue with the last bb that will always stay in the magazine, while gun shoots “empty”.

One may say it’s a characteristic, you’ll get used to it, but to be honest – it’s a really irritating characteristic of this magazines (more about magazines here). Let’s start with the simplest scenario – magazine feeding issue. The gun shoots “empty”, you pull the magazine out, check it for the locked bb and here it is. It can be fragmented bb that blocks the magazine or just a failure of the spring. Simple as that, right? Well, not really in the Specna magazines. The view of the bb in the chamber summed with dry firing doesn’t mean that the magazine is blocked. It could just mean that you’ve run out of ammo. Kinda irritating, right?

The other irritating situation is well known for people, who don’t use the dump pouch. They need to swap the magazines inside the pouches in order to not take the empty ones. The natural habit is to look on the magazine if it’s loaded, before putting it into the magwell. It is there, so it goes right into the gun. Aaaaaand… dry fire. These are the situation that many people complain about. Fortunately, it is very easy to fix. How?

How to disassemble the SA magazine

First, you need to get to the heart of the magazine. In order to do this, unscrew the metal plate at the bottom of the magazine and pull out the inner mechanism.

Now the trickiest part – opening the inside of the magazine. I’ll warn you about the pieces that you can lose the easiest way:

The lever that locks bbs and its spring guide.

The bbs follower.

The magazine spring.


These 3 elements are pretty easy to lose and hard to find on the market. Be aware! Opening the magazine is also a good moment to clean it up!

Now the last bb fix. The simplest solution is to glue up one bb to the bbs folfower. In order to make it stand out from other bbs, it should be painted with red marker or you just could use contrast bb, like the red H&Ks or pink Nuprols. I don’t recommend using any nail polish or other sprays because the paint will wear off and mess the other bbs and the barrel.

Let everything  dry up and assemble it in reverse order. Voila!








  1. Scharf says:

    Sekunden Kleber…. JA !

  2. Max says:

    Ciekawe obejscie problemu ale nie lepiej odrobine skrócic spręzyne podajnika kulek w magazynku nie przez obcięcie ale mocniejsze spręzenie o grubość kulki – czyli zamiast kleic kulke od strony plastikowego uchwytu sprobowac z 2 strony sprezyny?

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