Don’t drink and shoot – airsoft & alcohol


Drinking alcohol during a skirmish?

Time: one of my first airlift events.

Place: large hills next to small town, just on the border of two provinces.

Event: slightly larger skirt, maybe about 100 men (and women – actually there were a lot of girls)

Circumstances: we’re crawling back to our respawn after yet another beating. Of course, our respawn is located on the biggest hill in the whole forest, why not. Nevertheless morale is quite good because skirmish is pretty cool so far. We reach our destination, time for a smoke, candy bar, some rest. Right next to us – group of four unknown guys from the neighbor city. Chitchat, smalltalk, remarks concerning the game and all of the sudden… One of them reaches for the backpack and grabs something really familiar…

For cans of the cheapest beer, size of a pint. Each of them gets one, cracks them open and drinks like there’s no tomorrow. “Hurry up!” we can hear the team leader “we’ve got to go back and shoot something!”


“Is that a common thing?” I ask my more experienced friend.

“Well, no, not really. I mean I don’t drink during airsoft but it happens sometimes, no big deal. It’s quite different on milsim, but it’s not really common”

“Sure, whatever”


My view on drinking during airsoft skirmishes

I’ve got to admit: I’m not a saint. During myy first encounter with airsoft I was hungover as hell. Sweating like a pig, with sore throat, general dehydration and nausea I tried to survive those hours of shooting in the rain. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun. At the same time I consider it to be a warning and now I generally never drink the day before airsofting (at least I try to). First of all – because of my own comfort and general fun factor. But secondly (and that point is probably much more important than the first one) – safety reasons! Airsoft is not only about our own safety and health – poor judgement or lack of common sense can cause some really serious injuries to our fellow airsofters. And airsoft is quite rarely associated with commons sense, good judgement and responsibility.

I’m not your mother, I’m not going to tell you how to live. Nevertheless (back to the story from the beginning) it was quite fascinating to see the reaction, or rather the lack of it, to drinking during airsoft skirmish. I mean, it is one thing to go airsofting while hungover (or not really, correct me if I’m wrong), but drinking beer during the game is a completely different story. Beer or even something stronger. I know that usually game hosts punish such cases and remove drinking players from the even. But I’m still really interested in motivations and arguments of those who decide to drink and shoot. I’m not sure how common is attitude like that, but I’ve seen it so I know that it exists. It’s completely different when there’s a general plan: let’s shoot until 16:00, let’s drink and integrate after. But what if some part of players decide to “integrate” a little bit earlier?


So how it really is with alcohol and skirmishes?

What do you think? Do you shoot when hungover? Do you like to apply a little bit of “liquid courage” on respawn? Do you think there’s nothing wrong with that because “beer isn’t really alcohol” and “one beer isn’t really a beer”?

Or maybe you’re on the opposite side of the barricade – don’t drink and shoot? No alcohol whatsoever! Full sobriety the day before!

And the last question for today – have you ever witnessed situations like the one described above? What was your reaction (if any)? Let us know. And cheers 😉


  1. Mathias Kleinwald says:

    Zwykle robię za kierowcę autobusu wycieczkowego to nie popiję. Kasztelanek na respie w formie izotonika dobrze by zrobił ale chyba zdrowiej pozostać przy wodzie 😉

  2. szalonyErsofterZkambodżY says:

    My często piliśmy piwerko, ale to po jebance – 3-4 godzinki postrzelać, rozstawić grilla, owalić kiełbe i wciągnąć piwko albo dwa (oprócz kierowców naturalnie). Podczas strzelania u nas w ekipie w której jeździłem nigdy nie było chlania podczas gry – wiadomo, słońce przygrzeje, człowiek się mocno zmęczy, a alkohol stworzy mroczki przed oczami, po których blisko do wypadku (często lataliśmy po starych budynkach w ramach CQB w których klatki nie miały praktycznie żadnych zabezpieczeń, więc łatwo było się z nich spierdolić. Więc mówię zdecydowane NIE podczas gry, TAK po grze.