Rasputin Item Flat Bag

Rasputin Flat Bag

Flat Bag made by Rasputin Item is quite an interesting thing. First time I saw some photos on the manufacturer’s Facebook I had a strong feeling, that it’s gonna be pushed into the market for no good reason. Quite useless bag made of Cordura scraps that remained from making plate carriers, backpacks and other cool thing. And you know what? After more than a year of using Flat Bag I still think more or less the same, BUT… it turned out that such bag can be very useful! I’ve got three of them and I will tell you what are they good for.


Greenzone & Badlands


Design of Flat Bag is as simple as it can be. Actually the name says it all – it is a flat bag, 320x215mm, with one way zipper. Plus loop made of paracord. And another loop made of cordura (in camo) to attach it to our belt or backpack. And tiny velcro panel… so tiny we won’t be even able to put there our favorite morale patch. Something like velcro square in TAD Gear jackets – big enough to have there manufacturer’s logo. But hey, it’s still a velcro panel.

Flat Bag is made of an excellent Cordura 500D and can be found in various (and awesome) camo versions like Pencott Greenzone, Badlands, Sandstorm, or Multicam – original ones! Quality of manufacture is top notch, can’t really say anything bad about it. Dimensions are even, cuts are straight, couldn’t find a single thread. But how can we use it on every day basis?




It’s quite hard to describe it as “organizer” – at least I’m accustomed to different kinds of organizers with additional rubbers and grips to hold and, well, organize items inside. Instead, inside we can find a lot of space where we can just put our stuff. But it’s not a disadvantage, not at all! That is why we can use Flat Bag as bag or kit where we simply carry a lot of different things and which we later throw into something bigger, like backpack. It helps us avoid the mess and we won’t be forced to dig inside our backpack looking for useful equipment. It is a perfect solution for all backpacks without any inner pouches or compartments.


Rasputin Flat Bag


Flat Bag is perfect for big trekking backpacks or for the middle compartment of Sparrow 20. We can use it to carry our handy gear – cap, gloves, magazines, tools or multitools etc. It can serve as a tactical toilet bag. Or even a cover for iPad – but I would be cautious here, it lacks any inner inserts to protect our stuff. When it comes to protection – Cordura is covered with additional layer of Teflon so it is kinda waterproof. And above all – it is another tacticool gadget for fans of PenCott – and we know you never can have too much of PenCott stuff 😉




Unfortunately one of three Flat Bags I own is slowly dying… At least the zipper. But zippers are actually very good so it is my fault – I just wanted to carry inside a little bit too much. And I really tend to push them to the limits – I frequently carry three of them in 20l backpack and they are stuffed to the full extent. In this case they serve as kind of organizers. Fortunately Cordura is quite lightweight (empty bag is 65 grams only) so they won’t add too much weight to the overall weight of our backpack. And let’s be honest – who’d like to use foil bags, when they can use Greenzone Flat Bag? 😉




To sum it up – if you’re looking for a small and interesting gadget in nice camouflage, and if you find your purpose of using Flat Bag (one of the above or something completely different), and you find it on some good sale – you should really consider it. I don’t think I’d buy it for a regular, catalogue price. Almost 25 EUR for Cordura bag with zipper is quite a lot. But with some sweet discounts… Sure!

We can argue that there is no MOLLE system or laser cut pals from Hypalon – but it is the simplicity that I like about it.


Pros & Cons:

+ simple, robust and well-made

+ useful loop

+ very light


– high price

– quite small velcro panel


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