Gun paint job can give a lot of advantage in the field. The black airsoft replica can be easily spotted in the woodlands, even if the player is perfectly covered in the camouflage. It’s not that hard to make the gun less visible – even the most basic patterns can dissolve the easy to spot figure. The painting is incredibly easy – if one doesn’t have a very artistic vision of the camo, then probably everyone can do it by themselves.

What’s needed?


BHP notes

Painting should be done only in a ventilated room or in open field! It is also worth to use gloves, during the degreasing and painting process.


Setting everything up

painting replica - preparations


At first – dismantle all accessories. Personally, I don’t disassemble the whole replica, however it is worth to remove the hop up chamber with inner barrel. Moreover, if the gaps between gun’s body parts could let a lot of paint to get inside the gearbox, then I would recommend to remove it too.


painting replica - stock

painting replica - body


Now we clean the body with the degreaser. The next step is to cover all elements that you don’t want to paint.


painting replica - body

painting airsoft replica - optics

painting airsoft replica - optics 2

painting airsoft replica magazine


Now it’s time for the base color. I recommend using the olive base or coyote/tan base. Shake the can for about 30 seconds, in order to stir the paint inside. Then apply it on the gun from about 30 centimeters, by short sprays and thin layers.


painting airsoft replica - base painting airsoft replica - base 2 painting airsoft replica -optics base


That’s the base. What’s next is up to you.


The dusty/used gun effect

painting airsoft replica - dusty look


Having the base already done, just use one of the tools to remove some paint:

  • sandpaper
  • a soft paint remover
  • kitchen sponge – if the paint is still wet


To make it look realistic, not postapocaliptic, you should remove some paint from these elements:

  • pistol grip
  • stock
  • handguard rails
  • fire selector
  • fire suppresor
  • magwell
  • the side of the body that lays on the  rest of equipment, when gun is carried on sling.

Eventually, with time the paint will wear off some parts ;).


If you want to get just the dusty look – spray the gun with Coyote paint and quickly brush it off with the kitchen sponge when it’s completely wet.


The drunken commando 

painting airsoft replica - drunken commando look

painting airsoft replica - drunken commando look 2


To complete this method, we need two additional colors that will contrast the base one. Next, apply a random zig-zags with the first and second color. In my case, the base was Olive Drab, and the two additional colors were the Dark Brown and Coyote. The zig-zags can be applied from a short distance – 15-20 centimeters.


If the color is too strong for you, you can “fog it”. Use the other color to make it less visible. I’ve done this with the brown paint.


painting airsoft replica - drunken commando look 3


Voila! This technique can be also used as a base for other methods.


painting airsoft replica - drunken commando look 3


The Snakeskin


painting airsoft replica - snakeskin look

painting airsoft replica - snakeskin look 2


After making the base of the paint job, put some mesh on the airsoft replica and spray the paint trough it with the contrasting color. The result will look like the Snakeskin.


The sponging

painting airsoft replica - sponging painting airsoft replica - sponging technique


Like the name suggests – it involves the use of natural sponge. Tear it apart and use as a stamp to make unique, contrasting patterns. The more colors – the better is the final effect.


painting airsoft replica - sponging technique 2 painting airsoft replica - sponging technique 4

painting airsoft replica - sponging technique 5 painting airsoft replica - sponging technique - stock 2

painting airsoft replica - sponging technique 3


The Digital Camo

painting airsoft replica - digital camo look



It’s probably the most complicated method which gives very characteristic results, that doesn’t suit every taste. With the sharp knife cut out the digital patterns from the paper, then use it as a stencil.


The “Natural”

painting airsoft replica - natural look



This time the patterns are applied with the use of the “natural tools” – leaves, grass etc.


What are your favorite methods of painting airsoft replicas? Share them in the comments!


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  1. SpartacRobiNajlepszeRepliki says:

    Ja spray’uję przez liście akacji, ale niestety trzeba je dobrze usztywnić inaczej się łatwo zaginają i od razu źle się farba nakłada 😛 A jeśli ktoś lubi przyszpanować to może przed malowaniem skropić w niektórych miejscach replikę woskiem i sztachnąć replikę na np.: różowo (jako baza), a potem przez gałąź świerku na fioletowo. Potem się pryska na rękę lub rękawiczkę białą lub bardzo jasną żółtą farbą i się jakby pstryka w stronę repliki. Po wyschnięciu się ją przeciera po prostu ręką i ten wosk się rozmaże wraz z białymi kropkami. To da taki efekt gwiazdek na różowo – fioletowym tle. Zobaczą Cię jedynie z odległości 3 kilometrów, ale liczy się efekt wizualny 😀 (perfekcyjny prezent dla dziewczyny grającej w airsoft xd)(Fajny efekt na cqb, bo do lasu z jaskrawymi kolorami to tak średnio haha)