Scout Chest Rig MOLLE – review and my experience

Scout Chest Rig

Scout Chest Rig MOLLE – review and my experience

As you already know from my article about the types of gear, chest rigs are currently the one of the most commonly used ammo carrying platforms. Their simple construction and a huge market of possible gives you a great opportunity to get the one that fits you the most. There is a lot of airsoft beginners that look for some budget gear, but there is a lack of such gear reviews. Today we’ll talk about the Scout Chest Rig by GFC. Enjoy!


What should be obvious for that price level – Scout Chest Rig is made of nylon 1000D. Theoretically it is not as durable as the loved by everyone Cordura, but the first impressions are quite good for that price. The plastic part, like the fastex and hooks are made of durable polymer.


The heart of the chest rig is of course the 14×8 molle pals panel. There is a lot of space to fulfill with ammo pouches etc. However, here comes the first big disadvantage of the product – some of the molle pals are sewed in completely not on par, so it can be hard to install the pouches.

If the big molle panel is not enough – on the both sides of it there is a one inside shingle pouch. There is no problem to fit there a pistol replica, like my lovely R28 Army or GBB Glock replica or something in similar size. It’s a great solution for someone who doesn’t want to use the precious space on his duty belt.

In the middle of the panel, with the width of 8 molle pals – there is an another inside pouch for multiple purposes, that is also covered in the velcro, if you would want to use some dedicated insert type magazine pouches for the AK, AR or even MP7 replicas.

However, these are not all the inside pouches. The last one is placed outside the chest rig and is faced to the user’s body. It is made out of mesh and is supposed to carry important things like a map or documents.

Talking about the back of the panel, it is worth to mention that the side shingle pouches have drain holes.

This particular chest rig model uses the X harness. The “X” is additionally secured with the velcro loop.

Because of the big capacity of the chest rig, there are comfort pads on the shoulders.

On the shoulders there are D-rings that can be used to mount some additional gear.

Below the D-rings, there are 3 wide pals that can be used for accessories like radio/radio pouch, PTT button, knife, pistol magazine pouch or even the tourniquet, which is frankly not very useful in the airsoft world 😉

Example of configuration:

Scout Chest Rig

I had some pouches laying around, so I’ve put them on my Scout Chest Rig:

– a big cargo
– a small pistol magazine pouch with flashlight
– the CRKT Hammond Cruiser knife
triple elastic M4 pouch by GFC
R28 Army replica in shingle pouch

Of course it’s just an example configuration that can show the beginners how that kind of space can be arranged. There are much more possibilities and of course – you can fit here far more equipment – not all the molle palse were used, nor the inside pouches. Here comes out the universalism of this product – you can make both ligh weight set (like the one above) or something heavier for longer games.


I’m surprised positively with the amount of “modern” solutions used in this chinese product, like the inside pouches or the velcro space for magazine inserts. Scout Chest Rig works pretty well with heavier sets and gives the proper comfort of usage. For me, there is a lack of comfort pads on the chest panel, that hit me the most.

Because of the low price, you need to expect some disadvantages and frankly – there are some. There is a lot of threads standing out and the most important – some of the molle pals are askew. That makes the installation of pouches a little harder than normal because the pals are not wide enough for standard pouches. I hope that the GFC will take a note and improve their product. However, this is a product made especially for people, who look for budget solutions. In that case – it works like a charm and will only increase the appetite of user to get something better in the future 😉


  1. Codrut Tapu says:


    From where i can buy this now? The links are not available anymore.

    Thank you!

    • Adam Michel says:

      if you are interested in tactical vests in general, here you will find wide range of models from various manufacturers. However, if you are looking for Scout Chest Rigs, we recommend you to check this link.

      Best regards Team

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