SHS parts – why so hateful?


It was a peaceful Sunday. I was sitting with my old faithful Specna Arms in some bush, waiting for an unaware adversary. Suddenly – I can hear the familiar sound of breaking twigs. I raise my replica, change the magnification in my scope from 1,5x up to 3x to have better look at the surroundings. I slowly scan the area. Then, suddenly I can see an arm behind some three, approximately 65-70 meters away. My heart starts to beat rapidly, the adrenaline kicks in. Yes! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for the entire morning. My first contact. I switch my gun to SEMI, aim down the sight and I can feel the excitement. Nothing can prevent me from hitting my colleague, I know I won’t miss my chance. I know it will be good. I know he can’t see me. I know my replica will do it.

I gently pull the trigger, but I have no idea what is about to happen just in a second. My JeffTron Processor Unit V2 gives the signal to SHS High Torque motor, which moves the SHS Gen3 16:1 gears. Gears pull the SHS piston with 14 steel teeth. Piston goes back and M140 spring gives it a powerful push. My SHS cylinder head fights for compression and SHS type 1 cylinder provides just perfect amount of air. At this point, somewhere in my head I can remember… But no, I don’t want to remember. It cannot be true, not this time!

480 FPS push the BB, my flat hop gives it a spin – at least I hope so. And then… It happened. No one could have predicted it. No one could believe it was true. Shock and awe. My friends from nearby stand up and start to cheer. My adversary cannot understand what just happened. He’s sitting next to a tree, crying like a baby. I am truly and completely shocked. The Internet told me that it’s not possible. Everyone I’ve ever met told me not to do it. But I always swim against the stream. So I stand up and shout, so that everyone in the forest can hear me:


The game host approaches to congratulate me. Everyone is impressed. Hell, even I’m impressed. Up to the point where I had to visit the shrink few days later. I think I had a slight PTSD.

Quite often I encounter very negative reactions and opinions about this brand. That is why I’d like to share my point of view on SHS. Let’s get back to 2010. It was a time when I started my airsoft teching on bigger scale. I opened my own business, I was the boss, the CEO, the big fish. But there was a problem. Absolutely no airsoft parts on the market. I had to fix and upgrade replicas using zip ties, duct tape, scrap metal and prayers. Every shop I knew had empty stock. No Systema, no Guarder, no nothing.

One day I enter the Internet and I can see… SHS, new delivery. New brand. Well, let’s see… Gears – 15 EUR. Piston – 8 EUR. All parts just cheap as chips. So I started to think

“Dude, it’s just too cheap to be good, just forget it!”

But right then, on my other shoulder I can see a small Angel who kicks the little Devil away and says:

“Man, quit it and just order those parts. What if they told you that vodka sucks simply because it’s cheap? Wouldn’t you try anyway?”

And so 15 minutes later I had my order ready, two days later I had it in my hands. Time for the first tests, M170, gears are good, so are pistons and other parts.

Let’s jump 6 years into the future, to the present day. During my airsoft tech career I’ve dealt with numerous parts from different brands. I love Systema because of the quality of manufacture. Guarder has an amazing price/quality ratio. Modify is innovative. Ultimate is reliable. And why do I love SHS? I love it because of the dynamic progress. If you looked few years back you could see amazing evolution. The company just keeps upgrading and improving their parts. They simply answer the needs of the market. Sometimes experiment with their products. But you need to look closely to see it. You need to be airsoft tech, to fix and upgrade airsoft replicas.

What about the quality? Well, that’s the point where our community keeps arguing. So let me say something highly inappropriate, something against the current trends and ways of thinking. Ready?




I think that SHS is really good. Even great if we take the price into account.

There, I said it! And why? Just listen:

  1. Availability – those parts are simply everywhere, every major shop has them in large quantities. I don’t have to worry I will run out of parts. I don’t have to hoard them. They are just here, always available.
  2. Quality – they are decent alternative to “high quality” parts
  3. Fakes – yes, they have problems with fakes and imitations of their brand. Would you counterfeit bad parts?
  4. The price – what else can I say?

I think you should stop whining and just start using them. Even if you find some products that won’t meet your standards because the quality of manufacture could be better, you can always return them and get new ones in exchange. Just remember that any manufacturer can have flawed batch of products. I think that considering the level of SHS production, the amount of wrong parts is minimal.

Of course, every time such flawed batch or single product happens we can hear a lot of complaining throughout the Internet. They say it’s low Chinese quality but they tend to forget that those are not the same Chinese products as 5-6 years ago, when they had just started to conquer the market dominated by Japanese and Taiwanese. Chinese products are now way, way better than before. Improved quality, own ideas and modifications…

But don’t think my article is some kind of paean for SHS. It’s simply my own voice of reason. There are different parts, some are better and some are worse. There aren’t any universal solutions in airsoft and “only Sith deal in absolutes” (yep, I love Star Wars). There will always be hate in the Internet. Before, we used to hate other people, now we hate whole brands… But let’s keep it for another time 😉


  1. Patryk says:

    Fajny artykuł, czy do lufy 455mm kupić cylinder typ 0 czy typ 1 od SHS?

  2. Taktyczny says:

    Cofa do tyłu, pcha do przodu..

  3. Ibrahim says:

    Ja właśnie pakuję do swojego G&P flaki od SHS bo wymieliło mi 3/4 gearboxa. Zobaczymy jak się spiszą.

  4. BulletMan says:

    Ja zauważyłem (jako że znam wielu serwisantów) że SHS to taka sinusoida. Spokojnie nie szkaluje, ale faktycznie mają okresy bubli i okresy sztos części. sam mam w GB 70% SHSa i jestem bardzo zadowolony 😉