I’ve got to admit – I was a little bit excited when I first heard about the new line of Specna Arms. Although I’m not a big fan of AR-type replicas, I really enjoyed live relation on GFC Facebook fanpage. I almost laughed my ass off when replica that “can hold up to M140” nearly died during the first attempt with stronger spring. I’ve read about the quality of manufacture and internal parts, browsed quite a rich list of available models, checked the price level twice… And I was pretty sure that’s about it when it comes to my contacts with Specna Arms Core.


specna arms core (1)


I couldn’t be more wrong.


Some time later, our humble (in numbers, not when it comes to ego) editorial team received a mysterious package. Someone wrapped it in a huge amount of stretch like there’s no tomorrow. However, after few minutes, we saw a logo that can give HPA owner a lot of unhealthy emotions… That’s right – we received Specna Arms Core for review.


“DIBS!” – it was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

“I NEED IT!” – screamed Chaos & Boar simultaneously.


specna arms core (3)


First come, first served. I got one replica, guys had to share the second one. You can read their review HERE. They will probably write something about technical stuff, internals, performance and so on. I, on the other hand, will do it my way 😉


I’ve found myself in the pretty strange situation. I never owned AR replica in my life. Hell, all I ever had were different versions of AK. I mean, a free replica for tests is an awesome thing, but I realized that I need uniform (only Russian ones in my closet), gear (same thing here), magazines (obviously…), even god-damn sling! What can one man do against such adversity of fate? Just deal with it 😉 And just have some fun.


specna arms core (4)



Let’s get to the point. I need to say one thing before we begin – Specna Arms Core really surprised me in a positive way. Usually, when I hear “replica made of polymer” the very first words that come to my head are “garbage, cheap toy, Chinese sh*t, I don’t want it, I don’t want it!” and stuff like that. In this case, replica turned out to be sturdy-looking, quite heavy piece of gun. “Nylon fibre receiver” (I had to check it later on manufacturer’s Facebook profile) left me with a very good impression. It doesn’t feel cheap and it surely doesn’t feel like ugly plastic.


specna arms core (5)


Of course, I cannot recommend it to hardcore fans of extreme realism who want to be more popish than the pope and whose replicas have to be more kosher than rabbi on Sabbath. Specna Arms Core are not made of metal and that’s a fact, but I can see (and feel) huge difference when I compare them to replicas from similar price range that almost scream “Hey! I’m made of plastic! Check me out, it’s plastic all the way!” Here it’s quite different. Mat surface, markings, the hologram with individual serial number… If I was younger and less bitter and that was my first replica ever, I’d be really excited. Right now after all these years from in this vale of tears, the only feeling I have left is probably hunger, but still, Specna Arms Core exceeded my expectations.



My adventures with trying to use AR system are a topic for another story, more like a tragicomedy. Despite my retardedness, so-called “Fun Factor” was excellent. Once I coped with all differences from AK I had a lot of fun using my new replica. Everything was stock obviously – test is a test, what’s the point of changing half of the parts right on start? Of course, if I were to use it, later on, I’d think about changing some stuff, but from the perspective of young airsofter who just got his first replica and just wants to have fun and kill his enemies – the replica is good to go. It has roughly 380 FPS (like promised). The range is between 40 and 45 meters (perfectly enough) and BB fly in the general direction I need them to.


specna arms core (6)


I used hi-cap magazine straight from the box and few mid-caps borrowed from Boar, I loaded them full with Specna Arms BBs (to remain faithful to the brand). Replica returned the favour with lack of jams and accurate shooting. And when I added my T1 red dot and tactical grip (ZenitCo from my AK, because the grip included in the set was really shitty – everything looked quite awful together but worked just fine), it was actually really comfortable to use. Can’t say bad thing about the performance – just remember, it’s a replica straight from the box so don’t expect perfect concentration of BB on 100 meters 😉


specna arms core (7)



I usually don’t feel the need to extend my dick by adding some more FPS to by replica, but in this case, I just had to try it. Spring exchange in the field conditions took me about 2 minutes so I can say with full responsibility that even monkey could handle it (I’m not much of a technical guy). I hesitated a bit before pulling the trigger but… It worked! I run to the guy with chrono to check FPS count and his old, worn-out Tornado’s result was 498 FPS. Nice.


specna arms core (8)



I can’t say that Specna Arms Core is perfect because it’s not. Body is really nicely fitted, but front grip required a little bit of love with the use of various accessories and tools. I’m used to hammering, duct tape and zip ties when it comes to my replica, but this can be a quite unpleasant surprise to airsoft beginners. I recommend ordering additional replica maintenance when buying it.


specna arms core (11)


As I mentioned, the tactical grip is quite shitty so you should get something better instead. The stock is wobbling but that’s supposed to be a normal thing when it comes to AR replicas and even real AR guns. I can’t say much about the durability (only used it twice) – it looks sturdy, but I wouldn’t push it to the limits. The manufacturer decided there’s no need for sling so if you are beginner you should get one (check out MS3 – Chaos recommends).


specna arms core (13)




One more thing that will probably decide the fate of Specna Arms Core. The price. When I look at what I can get for my 120-150 EUR, SA Core turns out to be a really interesting choice. And when we add it to the fact, that GFC just can’t live without making new sales over and over again, that price can be even lower.


specna arms core (14)


Set contains pretty much everything we need to start and I know that few people like to begin their airsoft adventure from buying an additional battery, charger (although they should) and other stuff. Here – everything is inside the box (just don’t forget the sling!)




Would I buy Specna Arms Core? Wrong question.


specna arms core (12)


Would I buy Specna Arms Core considering I’m fresh airsofter? If I decided to get myself an AR – it would be the very strong candidate.


What I like here is very easy and quick spring exchange and the possibility of effortless downgrade/upgrade. Before such feature was present in replicas from high/middle price level – I’m really glad that this technology made its way to budget replicas.


specna arms core (9)


Nylon fibre looks and feels very nice, it is a lot heavier than I’d expect and doesn’t feel cheap. As long as we don’t throw it on the rocks or use it to bash trees – is should serve us well. Performance is satisfying and lets us focus on airsofting without worrying about jamming or spraying BBs everywhere but where we want them to go. If we forget about some minor cons and maybe even change some parts, later on, we can have the decent replica for beginners and very reasonable price.


Well, it’s not AK, but still quite ok 😉

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