Thursday March 26th, 2020
replika ASG w pokrowcu VASAK

Primal Gear Vasak – test of a gun bag

Some elements of the airsofter’s inventory are extremely underrated, while actually they are imprtant part of the mandatory equipment whether we want it or not. In […]
Tuesday March 24th, 2020
pencott kamuflaż i inne rodzaje kamuflażu airsoft

Friendship with Wuzeta is over, Pencott is my new best friend

At the beginning of this blog, when introducing myself, I’ve told you that I’m using the polish camouflage wz 93 Pantera Leśna (the polish woodland). However, […]
Thursday March 19th, 2020
kulki airsoft ładowanie do magazynka i opkaowanie kulek

Airsoft BB’s – which ammunition is best for my replica?

I’m sure that everyone had the same dilemma „What bb’s should I choose to my airsoft replica”. Most of the time we choose bb’s to the […]
Friday November 8th, 2019
airsoftowiec w rekaiwcach mechanix wear mierzy z broni ASG

Mechanix Wear gloves – overview

A few words about the company Mechanix Wear is an American company with over 25 years of tradition in the production of protective gloves. Building the […]
Friday October 11th, 2019
ubrania militarne do ASG

A few words about airsoft clothes

Military clothing is one of the basic elements of every airsoft’s equipment. But what to decide when the choice of different types of military clothing is […]
Wednesday January 2nd, 2019
Airsoftowa strzelanka Czechy

Operace Iskander – airsoft skirmish in Czech Republic

Due to the geographical location of my hometown, some thought has dawned on me: „Are there large airsoft skirms, over the Czech Republic border distant of […]
Saturday March 10th, 2018

Don’t drink and shoot – airsoft & alcohol

Drinking alcohol during a skirmish? Time: one of my first airlift events. Place: large hills next to small town, just on the border of two provinces. […]
Wednesday September 27th, 2017

Why airsoft is a figure of fun?

In my previous article, I’ve tried to give you all the airsoft pro’s that make our hobby awesome. However, our sport has not only good sides […]
Thursday August 24th, 2017
zalety airsoftu

Why the airsoft is cool?

We love airsoft. This is obvious. But people who are the outside the circle of our hobby may have quite different perceptions about it. I bet […]
Thursday August 10th, 2017

50 shades of living with an airsofter

You enter your home and almost trip over shoes… Well, that happens, but when next to the shoes you can see some strange, striped t-shirt lying […]
Friday February 3rd, 2012

Darwinizm airsoftowy – cz. I

Dawno nie wysnułem żadnej kontrowersyjnej teorii na blogu. Dawno nie napisałem, ze airsoft jest stracony i nie ma już dla niego ratunku. Dawno nie wspominałem starych […]
Monday July 4th, 2011

Snajper – to brzmi dumnie.

Mimo, że dawno temu na blogu pojawił się już jeden krótki wpis dotyczący tematyki snajpera w asg, dziś znów kilka słów na ten temat. Tym razem subiektywnym okiem na tę sprawę spojrzał Wroobel. Zapraszam do lektury.