Friday December 20th, 2019
kamizelka taktyczna do airsoftu

Tactical vests – overview part I

Tactical or military vests are undoubtedly the most important and basic element of tactical gear. The vest will allow you to carry a variety of equipment, […]
Friday December 13th, 2019
magazynki, torby na magazynki,kamizelka airsoft

Pouches, bags and holsters – airsoft basics

After buying a tactical vest, a belt or a backpack, there comes a moment to choose the poaches. In this extremely wide category you will find poaches […]
Tuesday May 16th, 2017

Airsoft pouches – a brief overview of the types of pouches

Airsoft pouches Airsoft pouches – just another piece of useful equipment that we use to carry our magazines and that’s it, no rocket science here, right? […]