Saturday April 18th, 2020
tokyo marui mp9l

DIY – fixing the Tokyo Marui factory in MP9L Custom Ported

The title of this entry can be quite shocking – fixing and Tokyo Marui in one phrase? What year is it? These are the best airsoft […]
Friday April 10th, 2020
replika ASG

DIY – poor man’s bakelite (fakelite) magazines

Bakelite – the Russian gear optimists wet dream. Especially the ones that live with the words “Nyet, the rifle is fine”. For the other AK owners […]
Tuesday April 2nd, 2019
replika asg - niwelowanie luzów

DIY – reducing wobbling in airsoft replicas

Some of the most irritating elements of the airsoft gear are the factory issues such as wobbling parts or lack of compatibility of the parts from […]
Saturday November 3rd, 2018

DIY – fixing the leaking pistol magazine (Marui compatible 1911)

DIY – fixing the leaking pistol magazine (Marui compatible 1911) Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some day (maybe not in the legendary Marui case 😉 ) […]
Monday September 19th, 2016

Stippling and other grip enhancing methods

By way of introduction. One of the main factors that have a high impact on our gun/replica effectiveness is a stable grip. Appropriate texture of our […]