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Winter came a little later this year. However, it’s here, and it’s big! Whoopee! Finally, we can play airsoft in the snow, which changes the game drastically. If you’re not very familiar with the terrain, it can appeal as “a new map in a game”. The snowy terrain is also harder to maneuver in and gives a lot more opportunities to track the enemy or prepare an ambush. The fight itself, as well as your camouflage, can change a lot. Everything is different out there. So when there are green people with black sticks running in the perfectly white panorama, it means that you should consider some serious preparation.


What if we don’t have any airsoft gear for winter?

Well, it happens. Fortunately, with a really low amount of money (usually with no money) you can increase your chances in the winter battlefield. Like it’s said: Improvise, adapt, overcome! Here are some basic tips:

Body camouflage – the painting suit


body snow camouflage

Source: SGO Perun archives


This item is available almost in any hardware store and is cheap as dirt. It’s not as good as military clothing in a snow camouflage or original winter gear but with a little effort, it can do the trick. It can be often found deep in the garage or basement after the renovations in a home. The recipe is simple. Just put the painting suit on your regular uniform and then apply the rest of the tactical equipment. Voila! The disadvantage of this method is the low quality of the painting suit and its vulnerability for sharp edges – even the bushes. You can improve your winter camouflage by spraying it irregularly with some camouflaging paint, that is left after painting your airsoft replica. Like in the warmer days – it’s still worth to camouflage your face because the skin color stands out from the rest of the terrain significantly. The choice of the color (white or woodland camo) depends on the type of the terrain where the game happens. The more trees, bushes and dark spots on the ground, the better is to have a woodland camouflage on the face, rather than the white one that would stand out.


Try digging something out from your wardrobe?


whiste clothes for snow camouflage

Sometimes we keep old clothing that could be suitable for the winter skirmishes like a white, civil winter jacket. In that case, there is only one rule: if something seems to be stupid, but works – it’s not stupid. Been there, done that :D.

Airsoft replica camouflage


airsoft replica camouflage


If something stands out more than the black airsoft gun in the woodland terrain, it’s the black airsoft gun in the snow. Of course, painting your replica in snow camo is not really needed, especially if you don’t want to spend a nice evening with the paint cleaner when the weather changes. Because of that, it’s worth to consider two other solutions. The first one is using the white bandage to cover as much of your airsoft replica’s surface as possible. It’s pretty easy to put on and off the replica and doesn’t require any investments. Who doesn’t have a white bandage in the house, right? Wrap it simply around the barrel, handguard, the upper receiver, but avoid elements like magwell, sights, stock or pistol grip.


snow spray for gear camouflage



The second solution is to spray the replica with a fake snow. It is easier to clean off than paint, but it’s not a quick process. You can also apply the fake snow on your equipment.

That’s all about the quick and budget solutions for the snow camouflage. If you are looking for more camouflage tips just check our other articles. You will find there more information on some nice techniques and military products like ponchos and other masking stuff.

What are your solutions for a snow camouflage? If you have any interesting and useful ideas feel free to share them in comments.


  1. Piovra Tactical says:

    Witam. Mój pomysł na zimowy kamuflaż repliki przedstawiam na YT, link
    Łatwe do zaaplikowaniai usunięcia maskowanie rozbijające kształt broni. Koszt 2zł. Wykorzystuję tasmę izolacyjna w kolorze białym. Maskowanie to bez problemu wytrzymało wielogodzinne manewry w terenie górzystym, replika była wielkrotnie oblepiona mokrym śniegiem, taśma pozostała na miejscu. Po odczepieniu taśm, na broni/replice nie zostają kłopotliwe klejące się powierzchnie. Mam nadzieję że ten pomysł przyda się Wam podczas zimowych manewrów.
    Zapraszam do obejrzenia i pozdrawiam

  2. Trela says:

    Bardzo fajnym tematem jest takie maskowanie:

    Taniocha, działa, tylko trzeba ciąć grube pasy z grubej bawełny, bo się rolują po nasiąknięciu wodą.