Theta Optics XTO – inexpensive HWS

Theta Optics XTO - czyli HWS po taniości

Theta Optics XTO – inexpensive HWS

Red dot sight or rather its copy is one of the first must-have equipment your need to have on your replica. Advantages of this great but tiny device are going to be appreciated even by the “out of the box owners”, however, its duty is just to display a red dot (and maybe to boost your aiming ability statistics on a playing field).

I had a lot of different models of red dots and scopes recently. Some of them were allowed to stay on my replica longer and the other shorter, but I still value the most the compact ones as T1, RMR and so on.

I needed something light; according to my personal taste and kosher; to be in line with the commonly accepted Russian trend. In other words, I wanted to have a copy of a red dot, the Russian Special Forces really use. The final choice was the Theta Optics Eotech XPS which is one of the smallest and 100% kosher at the same time Eotech’s devices. What’s more it is widely available on the market. What’s noteworthy, all the Eotech copies are not just like the original ones, which are the holographic sights. The airsoft versions are just the classic red dot sights.

The choice


I have taken into account few models, including Aim-O from Element, ACM, Theta Optics, and the iconic among some people copy, which is having been brought eagerly by the people from WMASG. A skirmish was closer and closer and my new CORE rail was empty as never. Quick glance at the current offers on the Internet, and a brand new Theta Optics red dot from the never-ending sale was at my elbow. As it turned out later, it was a good choice.


Theta Optics XTO


Few words about how it’s made. As all of the HWS copies perhaps, the one from Theta was made of metal. Someone has had a sense of aesthetics during painting, as it had a nice black powder coating. I haven’t noticed any chips nor flaking paint. The cover of the sight was tightened with 4 TORX screws. On the rear side 4 Phillips screws hold the control panel, and the another 4 ones placed underside hold RIS mount. That would be the end of what you can disassemble by yourself.

Mount is compatible with RIS and Picatinny. A good, regular, solid screw holds well the QD. The sight could be disassembled easily from any rail I tested.


The device is powered with one CR123A battery or its rechargeable equivalent, what I consider to be a great advantage. However, they’re not the cheapest ones, they make the red dot firmly highlighted and there is no need for desperate looking for a button cell battery, as in case of some models. One CR123A is included in the set. Another plus for XTO. 🙂

Using the XTO

The sight is controlled with the three rubber buttons on the rear side. Two of them are the aiming point’s highlight regulators, when the third one changes dot’s colour.

I give a plus for the aiming point itself! Bright, clear, without the popular among cheaper ones ghost effect, which is simply a cross reflection. Same aiming point is modelled on the original holographic sight; a circle with a cross + dot in the middle. It is easy to aim even one the weaker highlight mode. There were no interfering reflections even during aiming with my replica, where the sight is mounted far from the eye; on the dummy gas tube. Aiming point can be regulated vertically and horizontally by means of two screws on the right sight of the housing.  You will need a flat-head screwdriver to do this.

Setting it to ‘zero’ went smoothly. Control buttons work with slightly palpable “click”. There is no problem with using them in the standard tactical gloves of Mechanix Original type.

Cons of Theta Optics XTO?

OK, but does the Theta Optics XTO have any cons? It’s hard to expect exclusivity for that price. In comparison with XPS from Element the differences in external craftmanship are noticeable. Element wins in this match. It also wins in the similarity to the original sight competition, and in the oneness of the markings imitation. It’s hard to hide they are not just like on the holographic one. “For law enforcement / military use”, ugly “CR123A”, text on the battery’s socket nut and the “Theta Optics” logotype is all we can find there. However, it is not a big problem, may be a big discourager for those who freaks out on the resemblance between their replicas and firearms equivalents.



To sum up, Theta Optics XTO is an essence; all we need without unnecessary trinkets.  It’s rather hard to punk someone at the skirm by saying “Look at my brand new Eotech, dude!” What can we see through the XTO? Clear enough aiming dot to treat an enemy with a storm of lethal BB’s…  ///Joke\\\ All those features are closed in the well-made, indulgent to your wallet and your replica device.

Finally, a word about the package. XTO is packed in a nice, ‘Theta Optics’ marked box with a sight’s specification on the sides. Besides the main device in the box, you will find also accessories like: the battery, cleaning cloth and the manual.


Pros and cons:

+ clear and bright aiming point

+ no ghost effect

+ price/quality

+ spring pliers and scissors


– slight differences from the original sight

– markings

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