We love airsoft. This is obvious. But people who are the outside the circle of our hobby may have quite different perceptions about it. I bet that most of you have heard the jokey definition of airsoft: “running in the field with a toy that shoots plastic pellets at your friends, while pretending to be a real soldiers.” It is said both as the airsofters inside joke and as as an internet bait from people who love to spread hate in the internet and be funny about one’s passion.


Because of that, it is worth to remember a few pro’s of our hobby for discussions and knowledge of other people. They also appear to be good arguments to parents of younger wannabe airsofters, whom cannot convince their elders to get a permission for playing airsoft.


First of all – the safekeeping

Airsoft is a compact sport and has the increased risk of several type of injuries. That’s why we, the airsofters have nothing more important than the safety during games and sometimes even freak out about it when people mess it up.


zalety asg - bezpieczeństwo


Everyone know what happens if someone isn’t taking the safety seriously and how incredibly fast the response of players is – we take care of each other. Most players even carry a first aid kit with themselves and knows how to use it in critical situations.


The habbits

As soon as the first posed tacticool photos were published in the internet, the fight with the infamous finger on the trigger thing started. The reaction of the airsofters publicity is so strong and fast when it happens, that almost everyone who have heard about airsoft is also an expert of the trigger discipline.


zalety asg - nawyki


Thanks to the 1:1 scale replicas, airsoft teaches also other habbits that will benefit in the usage of the real gun, like the proper shooting stance, cheek weld etc.


The knowledge

We play mostly with the replicas of real guns and use original or copied equipment of the real soldiers. It is inevitable – the more we spend time with them, the more we know about the airsoft gear and real-deal equipment.


Treatment of the newbies

This actually falls apart slowly, however still most of the experienced players will approach any new airsofters with open hands.


zalety asg - ludzie


You want to start and don’t know what to buy or where to play? Just write a post on one of the airsoft community forums and someone will definitely help you up to get everything best for your budget.


The condition

Airsoft is obviously more dynamic kind of sport than chess. Running in full equipment with heavy over accesorized replica can bring some desirable benefits in our shape and stamina, especially during long patrols or dynamic close combat engagements. This kind of activity is also a great runaway from everyday life – you can’t just sit in the office whole week and spend evening in front of the TV.

And what makes the airsoft cool for you?

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  1. Baron says:

    Ja napiszę od siebie. Przyjaciele na lata. Poznałem mój team 8 lat temu. I od tego momentu jesteśmy naprawdę zgraną ekipą mimo upływu lat zawsze możemy polegać na sobie.