At the beginning of this blog, when introducing myself, I’ve told you that I’m using the polish camouflage wz 93 Pantera Leśna (the polish woodland). However, a while ago some significant changes in our team happened, we are no longer using strictly the same camouflage (does anyone need that in airsoft?). This could mean only one thing – my inner airsoft fashion blogger just woke up, rushing to all sites that offer the Pencott Camo.

Why Pencott?

Why not? First of all, it’s cool, and the first rule of playing airsoft is to look cool. Besides its coolness, Pencott is not the most obvious choice of camouflage, especially that the Multicam can be spotted everywhere during the season. What’s important for me, with all the race of doing real-deal-like kits, the Penctott is not used by any unit in the world. Thus, it’s completely safe to shamelessly use and mix different kinds of colors, equipment, and replicas. You can do that without generating a shitstorm about using the wrong generation of AR to the shade of Woodland camo. Everything I wear and use is just my fantasy with no replication in the real-deal world. So, finally, chairborne commandoes cannot say anything that starts with “actually…” ;). And it still does its job!

Effectiveness was another factor taken into consideration, while I was choosing new camouflage and gear. The strict effectiveness also meant no compromises – my new camo will be seasonal, not a whole year thing that’s too dark in the summer, and dark enough for the autumn (yes, I’m talking about you, Polish Woodland…). Now it’s time for a bright green spot in the summer, and brownish spot during autumn, and early winter or whole winter if climate change still advances.

And between the seasons? Time to mix up!

Theoretically, the disadvantage of the Pencott is the low supply of the material. That means the low supply of equipment in this camouflage, especially in other shades than Greenzone. Thankfully, a lot of producers still have the materials and it’s not that incredibly hard to put your hands on brand new gear. The selection contains producers like Armored Claw, Primal Gear, Rasputin, TMC, Helikon, Direct Action and a lot more…

Let’s get to the topic of gear. When it came to a chest rig platform, my choice was the Training Mini Rig in Badlands camo from Helikon. It’s dedicated mainly for a shooting range, to carry the essentials like 4 AR/AK magazines and 4 pistol magazines (or multitools, snickers bars, knives). In the center, there is a big cargo pouch for things like notepad, pen, lighter, or basic McGuyver kit. The additional cargo went on my belt.

I’ve also replaced my Wisport Sparrow 16 for something in the fitting camouflage. The product of choice was a more expensive and bigger, 25-liter Dust from Direct Action.

Why do I use gear in Badlands?

a) It looks cool (and you should always look cool)

b) It’s not that a big part of the equipment, so it won’t ruin the camouflage while giving an aesthetic contrast (I’m an airsoft fashionista, sorry!)

c) I’m going to use my gear for the whole year, so it must be some kind of universal. In my opinion, Badlands gear works far better with Greenzone uniform, than Greenzone gear with Badlands uniform.

What’s your favorite camouflage? Share your opinions in the comments section. More articles of this author here.

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