Centrum Gier Fabularnych “Furia”: Bazar ASG – a short report

A short  introduction

Centrum Gier Fabularnych “Furia” in Dąbrowa Górnicza is a pretty well-known field in the Silesia, thanks to their interesting events. You even probably had read my reports from the Military Fantasy Days, where I’ve taken a part in a lot of activities and won many cool prizes. This time, guys from Furia have organized a little, but still very interesting event for the airsofters – the airsoft market.

ASG Market

The place

When the Military Fantasy Days took place in the museum in Dąbrowa Górnicza, the airsoft market was in the CGF Furia building. It’s quite big construction, so there were no difficulties in arranging the space for airsofters. On the ground floor, there was a meeting point for the players, where they could register and prepare themselves for the games and listen to the short briefings. On the first floor, there were plenty of rooms pretty beefed-up with obstacles, hidden passages etc.


The goal of the event

The airsoft market is made by players for players. It accumulates the airsofters from Silesia in one place and gives them an opportunity to trade, negotiate, talk about their experiences and discuss the gear they use. Usually there are also some short pistol & spring games planned, as well as target shooting tournament. The event is much more calm than a regular airsoft game, which makes it a great occasion for better integration. The whole event is free of charge, what is really nice.


The activities

ASG Market - retailers and equipment

ASG Market - retailers

ASG Market - equipment

The most important thing about the ASG Market is other players stuff. There were a lot of airsofters that had brought the tons of their own equipment – from cheap Chinese knock-offs to the original or rare pieces of gear. It was very kind, that the organizers gave players everything they could need for their “exhibitions” – tables, chests, barrels. Players simply arrived at the place and took out their things. I’ve managed to sell the team’s SVD, M4 magazines, silencer, M4 stock, and handguard.

ASG Market - customers and retailers

When we were trading on the ground floor, the first floor was the war zone of short spring & pistol games. Players were taking part in competitions based on short objectives like capturing a flag etc.

ASG Market - competition

The eliminations for shooting tournament started at 11:15 a.m. The goal was to take out all the bottles in shortest possible time. You had only one 30 bb real-cap magazine and ARES AMOEBA replica. Personally, I did it in 11 seconds, which is not that impressive for shooting 8 bottles. HOWEVER despite the short distance, the tournament was kinda difficult – you couldn’t see the bbs in the lighting and the AMOEBA didn’t have zeroed sights. Finally, I qualified for the next stage of the tournament.

ASG Market - shooting tournament 1

During the torunament players were competing side-to-side.

ASG Market (bazar asg)- shooting tournament 2


This part of the tournament was really short. I managed to get the second place (greetings for the 1st guy!). A moment later there was a prize-giving. For the second place prize included:

  • Metro 2033 book
  • a ticket for free game in CGF
  • a tactical  notebook 😉



The airsoft market organized by CGF Furia is an another well spent Sunday with the airsoft. The idea of the event is great, especially when it’s the middle of autumn and it won’t stop raining on the outside. Instead of staying home or swimming in the forest, you can simply go to the building and spend time with other airsofters while trading or taking a part in tournaments. Especially, when everything is free and you can come back home with attractive prizes. I’m pretty sure that Perun Team will be present at the next Furia’s event ;).

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