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Gearbox V2 vs V3 – this is the end (part 3.)

Gearbox V2 vs. V3 – this is the end (part.3)

Time has come to finish our short series of entries concerning differences between gearbox V2 and V3. If you haven’t read previous ones you can find them here (part one | part two), so go ahead and check them!

So we’ve got full information on all the things that are different between gearbox V2 and V3 – what now? What is the reason of all those bad opinions about GB V2 being much worse and more prone to failure? I my humble opinion it is the human factor, one more time. The more replicas in the market, the more airsoft tech wannabees. The other two systems (AK and G36) are not so popula rfor DMR tuning that requires high precision, mostly due to lack of big number of various chambers and nozzles in the market. And when it comes to AK it is much less ergonomic, also when it comes to mounting optical devices and other accessories. That’s why AR15 replicas are the ones that we upgrade most of the time.

There are tons, literally tons of external and internal parts for AR15. What is very, very important here – the AR platform is extremely popular in popculture, we can see it in every movie and video game. So things are simple – (almost) everyone wants to have AR replica. And almost everyone does. A lot of spare parts means a lot of people will try to install them and upgrade replicas on their own. Well, they saw it on youtube and someone on airsoft forum said it’s easy so why not? Every part is from different brand, lame fitting, no alignment whatsoever and… We can see the results.

The more AR15 replicas, the more users. And nothing is forever, everything will eventually bread (especially airsoft 😉 ). And V2 gearbox is… really, really demanding. Not when it comes to construction, but elements fitting. A lot of parts means problems with compatibility, and low quality parts + lack of experience and cause additional problems.

So there’s the dilemma: what should we buy? Which platform should we choose? How to invest our money? Gearbox V2 or V2, hurr durr! So here’s what I think… Just get what you like. Period. Both systems have their issues, nothing is perfect. Skilled and experienced airsoft technician will make you a good replica, adjust all the parts. Oh, and one more thing: before you give your replica to any airsoft tech you should check if he’s got his Official Dremel Permission 😉

What you SHOULDN’T do when choosing your first replica, it to follow the opinions found on the Internet. I personally suggest talking to airsoft shop employees. Airsoft market (at least in Poland) is still quite a niche, we don’t have shops that act like those “Not for idiots”. From my experience most of airsoft shops do their best to give customer the best replica according to his needs. Everyone has different requirements, needs and style. Choosing your replica basing on questions like “which gearbox should I choose” is quite stupid, I think. And why do I think that? Well… Because I used to have the same approach.

Long years ago when I had to choose my first AEG replica I had a very limited choice: either R6 by well or CM028. And you know what? I picked R6. It made my hair turn grey but that’s where my love for AR15 platform started. And I still love it. Every single malfunction of R6 was, as I believed, caused by “that damn V2, I should have bought V3 like all of my friends, why am I so stupid!” Back then I had no idea tha R6 was just a poor choice. Even for these ancient times it was a very lousy and poorly made replica. CM028 would have been much better, not only because of GB, but the overall quality of manufacture was much higher. Next one was G36 by CA. God, how much I loved her. Finally had to sell it for spare parts. The best and the most expensive replica I ever had. Can’t even say how much money I had to spend because of her. The quality was phenomenal, but I couldn’t handle the malfunctions. I tried to hard to play airsoft tech. Now I regret I sold it, but well.

Back then I followed “V2 vs V3” kind of arguments. After terrible R6 I started to belive that V2 is worse so i picked V3 replica instead. After G36 I had AK74 by BOYI with not a sinlge stock part. It was awesome, probably the best replica I used to have. But that’s not the point.

The point is: what about you? V2 or V3? Which side are you on, and why? Or… maybe, just maybe… you don’t want to pick any side? Maybe you read my scribble and now you understand the truth? Let me know!

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