Since the airsoft has gained its huge popularity, the market has been constantly growing. From time to time, we can hear about new, creative constructions that can be used on the field. The variety of the products expands and almost every military construction that shoots something is also replicated as the functional airsoft gun, even the mortars and rocket launchers! Same happened, of course, in the field of grenade launchers. Instead of the fragmenting objects, they shoot a big cloud of airsoft bbs in the air, which works more like the shotgun shells, than the “real” grenade (however the Madbull CO2 grenades can shoot pretty far and are quite effective). A moment later, TAG came to the market with their revolutionary pyrotechnic grenades – exploding, smoke and chalk ones. In my opinion, it is as far as the realism of the airsoft grenade launchers can get. And now we see this:


I think no one is surprised, that this product created a huge discussion on the internet. The grenade, that works like a machine gun? With an uncontrolled 150-round burst? Why is it such a bad idea?


The crucial argument – it’s uncontrolled, incredible fast burst of 150 bbs in one straight line, which is shot in less than 1/3 of a second.

The increasing tendency to break more and more technological or constructive barriers raise the question about the safety issues. Production of the high rate of fire replicas results in many people trying to teach another about the hazards of using such “weapons”. It is often said (which I agree to), that a single bb with higher velocity will do a less damage to a player, than a quick burst of 30 bbs shot with lower velocity. However, this still can be controlled both by the user of the replica or the electronic unit (like the Gate Titan). In the case of the Mike 40, you just press the trigger and 150 bbs fly towards the enemy with the horrifying “BZZZZT” sound. What could go wrong if it’s randomly shot at someone in the CQB?

(Author: Airsoft Innovations; Source:; Access: 01.06.2018)


The second argument – it’s an opportunity to break the “semi only” rule on the CQB fields.

In a lot of the CQB fields, the grenade launchers are not banned. However, they should be used with responsibility as a tool to eliminate the groups of players with a single “cloud” of low-velocity bbs. It is and should be legal because you FIRE ONCE with a huge spread. Though one may say, that the Mike 40 works by a single pull of a trigger, I consider it rather a full auto, carbine-like burst.


The third argument – it will lead to a lot of conflicts. 

The unrealistic usage, a high hazard of the use and tendency to break the rules – it’s a horrible combo which will make the airsoft community argue, and this is definitely the last thing we want to achieve.


The last but not least – the sound

Seriously, have you ever heard the sound that this thing makes? 😀 Maybe the electric airsoft replicas don’t sound really realistic or the GBBs can imitate the sound of falling beer cans… but the mating call that the Mike 40 makes is just hilarious, especially in comparison to the well-known Madbull CO2 shells.


The summary

I understand, that the makers of that grenade have designed it with the goodwill. The idea was to create something that’s not yet present on the market and with an interesting technology and constructions. Yes, it is impressive as well as controversial to the airsoft community (which is actually very good marketing move). We need new technologies and improvements in the airsoft world. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t implement all of them in the daily games. The Mike 40 is an impressive and entertaining product, but should be more a collective item, than be used in the field (however in the woodlands it’s acceptable). Currently, it can divide the players and cause conflicts in the CQB sites. In result, I think that they’ll be banned soon.

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