Since the first time I have appeared on the Fedrunek maneuvers, I never skipped an edition (you can read about previous editions here). The easy, but a demanding type of the game, a great terrain and the placement of the crucial checkpoints, and the inimitable vibe is something, that makes a huge amount of people from Silesia and other parts of Poland (cheers to the guys from the Warsaw!). Because of the rising interest in the game, the player limit was upgraded and the terrain of the game was also expanded. The one thing hasn’t change – game lasts 24 hours with no breaks.

The terrain

The game always happens in the Ramża-Bełk. All the checkpoints were marked on the maps, except the localisations of the mines and enemy base – teams had to figure them out by themselves.


The game mechanics

airsoft event flag

Two teams: Blue and Green compete for points that can be gain during the entire game. The points can be obtained by:

  • getting the codes
  • getting the enemy base code
  • getting the mines codes
  • holding the mines
  • holding the uranium upgrade points
  • getting the uranium upgrade points codes
  • the uranium: both normal and upgraded
  • completing side tasks, like the barrel transport
  • completing additional side tasks, that were announced fluently trough the game
  • selling the uranium to the dealer

airsoft event mine

As you can see, there is a lot of things to do trough the whole, 24 hour game. The team commandment and tactics are crucial. The signifficant factor was also the respawn that happened at every full hour – proper timing and saving the life was important for both teams, especially when it came to the commander life.

A short report from the game


airsoft event - briefing

We arrive at the briefing point. There is a lot of players and due to the expanded limit – there is a problem in finding a proper parking space. The organizers also prepared for us a counter with hot water, coffee and tea – unlimited and free for everyone. Very nice!

airsoft event briefing

After a few small-talks, we went to the registration, which went very fluently and fast. The packet of the player included a high-quality map, which had the game rules on the other side (to stop asking the commanders about them ;)).

airsoft event briefing 2


The game briefing starts. We regroup to the Blue and Green teams and wait for our commanders. Krauzak reminds us all the rules of the game and its mechanics. We are also informed, that there are in-game marshalls with a red card – their jobs is to solve all the arguments. This is a very good idea – the awareness of the presence of the marshalls reduces the amount of cheating even without taking any action. However, I’m not sure if the players should know, which players are the marshalls. On the other side, most of the players on the Fedrunek know each other from all the games that happen in the Silesia, and everyone is playing fair and friendly. This year again no one complained about any cheaters and some people were even surprised by the range of their rifles – people felt and called their hits even at the maximum range!



We wait a moment until our commander arrives (in the meantime we have a flashback from the 4th edition of the game…) and then we move to our base. We build our base and have the briefing for each of the platoons.



The game starts and we are cooperating inside the third platoon. We find the first checkpoint and a locked chest. After opening it we hear a horn and read the text, which says that everyone in a few meters radius is now dead because the bomb inside box exploded. So, that’s how we have started the game – with a one hour respawn :D.



While still joking about our glorious start of the game, we respawn and go back in the action. Our job is now to rendezvous with the rest of our platoon because they are already preparing to move to the third planned checkpoint. After few moments with the map, we’ve managed to get to the point and meet the rest of our team. As it has turned out – we are nearby one of the mines, which is already taken by the Blue Team. Most of the man from the platoon attacked them directly from the front, while we used our advantage of viper hoods, and cleared the whole flank for them. We’ve managed to conquer the mine and set there our defense.



We collect some more uranium to bring into the base, while at the same time Blue Team tries to get the mine back. After a long firefight and lots of frags for both sides of the conflict, we fall back to the base in order to not lose the uranium, while the rest of the Green Team tries to hold the mine for as long as they can. After that, the commander sent us with 3 portions of uranium to the upgrading point, which was supposed to be held by a platoon of Greens. It turned out that it wasn’t :D. We have been successfully attacked by a squad of some dudes in vipers. We’re going to the respawn.



We go out again. After a while, we’ve run into the Black Ops squad, which was about 100 meters from our base. We had an intensive firefight but managed to survive long enough to have reinforcements arrive and defend the base. Respawn, here we go again!



We’re back in the game. The chaos starts in the commandment, while players lost most of their morales. Our commander decided to change the tactics and just keep the enemy base busy with defending from our attacks. He told us to wait a half an hour because he’s collecting all the platoons back to the base.



We’re getting a recon job – we have to sneak up to the enemy lines and observe their movement, while the other platoons will prepare the attack. We’ve managed to complete the mission, and have also found the code of the 11th checkpoint and got the mine that was placed nearby.



We’re setting the defense for the mine. Our next job is to get to the 10th checkpoint because its code is the last one that we don’t have. Now the journey of our lives begin – there is a box with photos inside the checkpoint, which leads us to the mission of collecting special codes that are hidden in the places that are shown on the pictures. It seemed to be easy, but it took us about 3-3,5 hours to complete it and LOTS AND LOTS of kilometers to walk – each of the characteristic points was on the other side of the map. What’s interesting, we haven’t had any contact with the enemy during that mission.



We’re back in base. During our walk, we’ve managed to find a mine, 2 portions of uranium and the upgrade point, which we used. In the base, we’ve finally had some water and ate something (it’s the great idea to leave the backpacks in the base for a half od the day). We also placed our hammock and rested for a while in our mini FOB. Unfortunately, most of the Green players are partying hard in the respawn…



The commander doesn’t respond to anything, the morals are down deep in the sea, so we’ve decided to go to one of the farthest mines. Unfortunately, besides the flashlights and GPS, we didn’t have any electronic devices that could help us in the dark. The only thing we have seen was a black forest and moon, however, every while we heard the Greens asking for the call of our team (to not shoot at us). Finally, we’ve managed to get into the mine and we spent there most of the night.



We’re back in the base. Time to drink something warm and sleep for a while. Before the sleeping, we have made some entrenchments from bags with leaves and put ready to shot replicas nearby. Unfortunately, after about 10 minutes we’ve got hit from the dark – thanks to the thermovision.



Time to wake up and drink some coffee. The Green players on the respawn ended their hard party and few of them went back into the game. Our platoon still didn’t get any new orders, and we have already completely lost the game for about 6 hours. There was nothing to save.



Everyone in the base collects one of the lightsticks from the box, in order to not lost all of them in case of the base attack. So, we’re sitting in the base end defending it until the end of the game… I guess. Yep, no one attacked us. We just returned the lightsticks to the base a moment before the end of the game.



The end. We go to the final briefing, but it was very short because we have definitely lost the game and everyone knew that. It would be a loss of time.


My impressions

airsoft event Fedrunek 24H vol5 summary

Despite that we have completely lost the game, I still had fun, thanks to my great platoon and the vibes from the event. However, I’m very dissapointed with this edition commandement, which was almost equal to the situation from the 4th edition, where we didn’t have any commander. The plans were great, tactics were good and the start of the game was pretty impressive from our side, but at one bad moment everything fell down and it was the end. I hope that in the next edition the Green Team will return to the scores from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition of the game, but it will require a lot of work and trust between the players and the commander.

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