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I have been using Mechanix gloves for many years and I think they are one of the best airsoft gloves on the market. they have many advantages like:

  • breathable material
  • protection level
  • flexibility

However, they have one big disadvantage:

  • very low durability

Does a perfect product really exist? No. Looking for a change, I decided to tempt myself into the gloves produced by Armored Claw. This manufacturer has been active on the European market for a long time. It is also quite popular among my fellows, who are wearing it during gameplay. This brand can be seen on many pictures of airsoft players from events across Europe. At the time I got them, Armored Claw Shield Flex gloves were new to the market but, as usual, it took me a long time to try them out.

rękawiczki do ASG Armored Claw Shield Flex.


After putting the gloves on, I noticed one very important thing. The way they are made makes my hand stand out and create a small gap between the palm and the surface of the object. It’s not a serious flaw but you will have to get used to that.


strona wewnętrzna rękawiczki do ASG Shield Flex


The second thing is that the gloves have reinforcements to protect knuckles. They are not made of kevlar but of a strong polymer. There is a possibility of detaching them, which is great.


ochrona knykci w rękawicy Shield Flex.


Thanks to this surface our palm is very well protected. I noticed that these gloves may be, at least for me, perfect camping/survival and trekking equipment.


Can airsoft gloves be perfect for camping?


rękawiczki do ASG Armored Claw Shield Flex na biwak


I am currently using the Hultafors ax. Unfortunately, woodworking in the Mechanix gloves causes calluses on my palms. I noticed that in Shield Flex I do not have that problem. Since then, these gloves have become my absolute “number one” for all trips to a forest. I chopped wood in them, pulled things from the fire, broke the branches and built the shelter. Their construction which is solid but clunky makes them ideal for this type of tasks. Not once did they disappoint me and, I’ve never thought about changing them to another model. Unfortunately, I have to point out that gloves are not the best protection against fire (the better model for that occasion would be Nomex). When I was trying to light a fire I was burned. This is a detail – they can still be used without a problem.


odporność na ogień rękawiczek Shield Flex


I enjoy hiking and during long walks, I use the trekking poles. Unfortunately, my hands are really sweaty. In the result, the handle of poles is immediately becoming wet, which drives me crazy. Thus I like to walk in gloves. As it turned out, my initial nemesis – a hard material on the back of my hand is actually a great solution. The distance that he created between my hand and the pole caused better air circulation. Genuine it was a very pleasant experience.

Gloves of this type are a great choice for fans of survival, hiking or even short trips. Will the Armored Claw Shield Flex work as gloves for the ASG? Yes, but the aspect of matching the hand to the grip must be secondary to you. In case of this product, the most important feature is the high level of protection. It will protect our hands in a truly armored manner. If you want to know more about them, check out our other post.


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