TMC is the chinese airsoft equipment and accesories manufacturer. Its products are budget-friendly but also good (for the price, of course) quality. Because of that, their equipment like vests, chest rigs or plate carrier with all pouches etc. are kinda popular in the airsoft world and doesn’t take much critique from the users. Not so long ago, a few more new product were added to their offer including the new universal polymer holsters. Currently the polymer sidearm holsters are the new black of the equipment – not many people still uses the material ones and the leather is a material of choice for hispsters and oldschoolers. I present you the TMC 5X79 Compact Holster


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster


The materials

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster close up


The holster is made of nylon in the Coyote Brown color. The polymer itself is very soft and elastic, which can be felt while putting a pressure on the material with fingers. It’s hard to find any metal elements other than few screws. The belt mount and locking mechanism are made of black polymer, which gives a nice, aesthetic touch to the product.


The construction

The holster is projected to be compatible with many popular handgun models. The information given by producer says that 5X79 Compact is compatible with

Kabura zostało zaprojektowana tak, aby mogła współpracować z maksymalną liczbą modeli broni krótkiej. Jak podaje producent, kompatybilność dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • Glock series
  • USP series
  • VP9
  • XDM series
  • 1911 series(including the models with rails!)
  • CZ75

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster close up 2


Thanks to the simple patent, we have the famous universality of the product. Instead of the standard molding of the holster to the exact model of the pistol, there is a small screw underneath, that tightens or loosens a spacer that keeps the gun secured inside.


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster close up 3

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster close up 4


The locking mechanism itself blocks on the trigger guard, which makes the gun draw impossible without pressing the latch with your middle finger. It’s a little strange at first, because most of the constructions available require the use of index finger or thumb.


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster mounting

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster mounting 2


The holster mount is compatible with battle belts that width is lower or equivalent to the 50 mm.


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster mounting 4


There is also a possibility to change the angle of the holster to suit the users needs.

The quality

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster mounting 5


I’ll start with the fact, that the product is made in china and is REALLY cheap for that kind of construction. Having that in mind, it is really good! However, I have kind of mixed feelings to the material of the holster. It’s really thin and soft, which makes it that cheap, but also it’s easier to fit many models of pistols inside, thanks to the elasticity. It’s hard to tell if it’s a planned procedure or just savings. In comparision to the Israel IMI holsters – it’s really soft and thin.


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster quality

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster quality 3

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster quality 4


All the screws sit tight and the construction is stable. The belt mount locks firmly and requires a proper force to unlock it.


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster


The edges are a little sharp and could use some additional filling, but it doesn’t affect the usability of the product.

The usage

TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster and replicas


My journey with the TMC holster started with the test of compatibility with my replicas:

  • ARMY R27 (1911 MEU)
  • ARMY R28 (1911 Kimber – with rail!)
  • WE 17 (Glock 17)

Having the IMI holster for my regular 1911 I was looking for something that will work with my two other pistols – Kimber and Glock.


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster and replicas


As expected, it works like a charm. My R28 which couldn’t fit into the IMI holster sits securely in the cheap 5X79 Compact. It is worth to notice the fact, that the locking requires far more force than the dedicated IMI product.


TMC 5X79 Compact universal holster and replicas 3


Theoretically, the TMC holster should work with smaller Glocks, like the 19 series. However, my WE 17 slides and locks into it just perfectly. It took only 3 minutes to follow the producer instructions to open the holster and put the spacer down in order to fit the Glock.

As I have said before – the placement of the release latch is pretty uncommon. However, after a few draws with my pistols I got used to it and even could call it comfortable and intuitive.

The pistols sit tight and there is no possibility to lose them during dynamic firefights in the forest. The belt lock also works like a charm.



The summary

Considering the price and universality of the TMC product I would say that it’s worth buying. If you are looking for a budget solution for carrying multiple different sidearms during the airsoft games – I would recommend it. It is also nice to have that one holster attached to the equipment and not to worry about the replacing it each time you want to use a different pistol (more about carrying too much here ). The only thing that lack of I have noticed in the 5×79 Compact series, is the model compatible with pistol flashlights.

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