Tactical or military vests are undoubtedly the most important and basic element of tactical gear. The vest will allow you to carry a variety of equipment, such as additional magazines, water, food rations, radio communication equipment, and even ballistic covers in the form of bulletproof plates / inserts. In a word – all the necessary personal equipment that we will need when performing tactical tasks – be it on airsoft skirmish, training, patrol, military simulation, or on a real battlefield or shooting range. The vast offer of military vests available on the market allows each user to choose a vest perfect for his needs, adapted to the conditions in which he will use it.

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Tactical vests – functions

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Depending on the task and the conditions in which we will operate, we can decide to choose a simple or more complex vest. The simplest and lightest are chest rig vests used to carry the accessories we need during operations, such as spare magazines or a radio. Besides, tactical vests of this type due to their design and low weight are more comfortable to wear. On the other hand, the tactical vest’s function is to ensure our safety. In the case of actual military operations, advanced integrated vests, combining the features of a tactical and bulletproof vest – with the ability to carry ballistic inserts (or their airsoft replicas) will certainly work better. This type of tactical vest not only allows you to carry a large number of accessories but also provides a certain degree of protection.

What to look for

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Other elements that you should pay attention to when choosing a vest are the type of material from which they are made, the possibility of expansion and the color, or type of camouflage. For the vest to fulfill its role it should be sewn from durable materials – the most commonly used are Cordura and Nylon. Thanks to this, we will be sure that when carrying a large amount of equipment, our tactical vest will withstand the load and nothing will tear. The possibility of expanding the vest with additional elements such as pouches allows you to increase the number of accessories carried. It is equally important to match the tactical vest to the rest of the equipment.

Tactical vests – systems 

Jednym z podstawowych kryteriów wg jakich możemy podzielić kamizelki taktyczne jest zastosowany system mocowania dodatków. Wiele kamizelek posiada system MOLLE / PALS, czyli rzędy taśm pozwalające na montaż oraz konfigurację dowolnych kieszeni i ładownic dokupowanych osobno. Jest to niezwykle uniwersalny system, dzięki któremu użytkownik ma praktycznie nieograniczone możliwości dopasowania swojej kamizelki taktycznej do potrzeb, pod względem rodzaju, ilości oraz umiejscowienia ładownic na magazynkikabur, kieszeni, apteczek, zasobników, etc. Niektóre kamizelki posiadają możliwość doczepienia plecaka bądź pokrowca na wkład hydracyjny. Drugi rodzaj to kamizelki z ładownicami wszytymi na stałe – bez możliwości ich konfiguracji. Przy ich zakupie musimy się więc kierować węższymi kryteriami, jednak takie kamizelki również mają spore grono odbiorców, często charakteryzują się między innymi niższą wagą niż kamizelki modułowe.

One of the basic criteria by which we can divide tactical vests is the attachment system. Many vests have the MOLLE / PALS system, i.e. rows of tapes that allow the assembly and configuration of any pockets and pouches purchased separately. It is an extremely versatile system, thanks to which the user has practically unlimited possibilities to tailor his tactical vest to the needs, in terms of the type, quantity and location of pouches for magazines, holsters, pockets, first aid kits, containers, etc. Some vests have the option of attaching a backpack or hydration pad cover. The second type is vests with pouches sewn in permanently – without the possibility of their configuration. When buying them, we must follow the narrower criteria, but such vests also have a large audience, often characterized by, among others, lower weight than modular vests.

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This was the first part of the article about tactical vests, we will soon present to you a broader description of models available on the market. Write what experiences you have with vests and what models you recommend to beginner airsoft players!

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