This is the third part of our series of camouflage tips in airsoft. In previous articles we’ve talked about the basic tips like painting your airsoft replica (Airsoft camouflage tips part 1) and camouflage gear including use of military clothing (Airsoft camouflage part 2), so now it’s time for the icing on the cake – the face camouflage. Nothing shines as bright as the bald human skin in the middle of the forest. The uncovered skin is what’s almost always giving out the position of the bad-ass commandos, despite their additional mesh on the boonie hat (been there, done that). Today we’ll talk about how to paint the face in camouflage and be almost invisible in the terrain.

airsoft camouflage - face painting


What paint should I use?

It’s a kinda obvious thing, but nowadays with all those ridiculous challenges, I have to say that – use only dedicated face paints. Closing eyes and spraying face with the lasts from Fosco paint isn’t a bright idea.

airsoft camouflage - set of face camo paints


When it comes to painting face camo my choice is the 3-color paint from BCB. My favorite version is the desert one, because of the most diverse colors.

The paint is sent in the little, handy box. Inside it, there are 3 dividers with different paint colors. In my case, these are desert, olive and brown. There is also a little (barely useful, but it’s still better than nothing) mirror.

On the market, there are also other color versions of this paint. Other producers offer a 2-color stick, but I’m not a fan of this solution – there is no mirror and only 2 colors.

How to paint my face?

First of all – do it fast and efficiently ;). There is no need for an extraordinary focus on special shapes or patterns. It will all blend after a while in the game. It’s not worth the time.

airsoft camouflage -other types of face camo

In my opinion, there are 3 main rules of face painting:

  • the elements that stand out (ears, nose) need to be painted with dark colors
  • dished elements (eye sockets) – with lighter colors
  • all the skin must be covered in paint – don’t leave a pale, shining neck unpainted

Face painting – technique

The technique itself is very easy. Stick to the first two rules of painting. Use your finger gently on the paint and don’t take too much of it, then rub it onto the “strategic” elements of the face until they’re fully covered.


face painting part 1

The next step is covering the rest of the face with different colors of paint. The pattern should be irregular, so the easiest way is just to apply all the colors on 3 fingers and rub them on the skin.

how to paint your face - military camo

Don’t forget about your neck and ears!

airsoft camo - how to paint your face


Voila! Our tactical makeup is ready to rock. In the case of longer games, I would recommend to refresh it every few hours. When it comes to the cleaning – wet wipes do the job properly. The final touch can be made at a house with the use of some of your girlfriend/mom/sister make-up cleaner.

full face camouflage

Did you like our ideas? Let us know what you think about the proposed solutions. Also, share your comments on airsoft camouflage techniques and share your ideas or suggestions!

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