Licensed Airsoft Guns – a whim or an added value?

nowe vs uzywane repliki asg

Airsoft and official licenses

Is acquiring a license from firearm manufacturer prerequisite for Airsoft companies? Everyone remembers the scandal caused by the company which name starts with letter G. It made a decision to make thing serious and take care of its interests so they tried to sue the entire shooting market went. The war on counterfeit replicas is completely understandable, however, the fight with the Airsoft itself is like David’s fight with Goliath.

Airsoft manufacturers, especially Chinese brands, don’t really care about such problems and to our delight carelessly create new airsoft guns. That’s good for us, right? Unfortunately, this is may cause certain problems. First of all, producers trying to avoid breaking copyrights change the size of their replicas, so that it can’t be said that they are exact copies of firearms. Secondly, the lack of appropriate licenses often reflects badly on the quality of their products, because besides the manufacturer, nobody else cares about it.

In my opinion, the flagship example of how it can be done well is the collaboration between Umarex and VFC. Their replicas from the HK416 series are considered to be some of the best available on the market. Certainly, they are awesome copies and they shoot very well too. The key to success was the right choice of subcontractor and careful QC. Thanks to that, Umarex was not afraid to allow the use of the H&K license for the purpose of that production.

licencjonowane repliki ASG


Another very positive example of a well-used license are the airsoft guns of Evolution Airsoft, which in one of their series had markings of Lone Star. As a result of the cooperation between those manufacturers, we have received very good quality airsoft replicas.

Why do I need the markings on the replica?!

Wonderful, isn’t it? But what if one said that they could care less about some markings on the body of their replica? I would answer to them that the logo is much more than simple mark. I think that the quality and the quality control follow inseparably from the label. This is due to the fact that companies producing firearms as well as those that have a license for certain products, pay more attention to the product with their logo on it. It results in providing us with a much better product than we could expect from a company without a license. In addition, manufacturers very often receive design plans and can adequately transfer sizes to designed replicas, so that more accessories from the world of firearms will match our Airsoft equipment.

Unfortunately, the market provides us with examples of companies that acquired the license but couldn’t use it properly. In their cases, something went wrong. One of them is a company which name starts with C. Nevertheless, that case can be called the regrettable exception to the rule.


Although acquiring firearm license is a new phenomenon on the market of Airsoft replicas, in my opinion, it has done more good than harm so far.  The main advantages of such cooperation include:

  • original markings of a manufacturer of firearms on the replica
  • the most realistic sizes that airsoft guns can get
  • licensor’s control over the quality of manufactured products
  • cool factor.


  1. Regdorn says:

    Nie często tu trafiam, a tu takie kwiatki. “‘Chociaż pozyskiwanie licencji broni palnej jest zjawiskiem nowym na rynku replik ASG” czyżby autor był zahibernowany przez ostatnie 15 lat?

  2. Olo says:

    Jestem żywym przykładem osoby której zwisa to co jest na replice napisane i w niej do póki trzyma się parametrów mocowych ustalonych przez organizatora spędu ASG;)

    Kupujemy albo markowe repliki które mają jakieś tam słabe osiągi (nie wrocławskie FPS;) i nie można w nich grzebać (lub nie trzeba) bo przepadnie gwarancja albo kupujemy chińczyki lub inne lepsze wydmuszki i robimy z nich wiatrówki do wybijania jedynek (czyli rzeczywistość)..

    Ogólnie licencjonowane produkty nie są przeznaczone na rynek polski albo inaczej nasz rynek nie jest docelowym targetem takich produktów.