In the life of almost every airsoft player comes the moment, when the regular skirmishes are not enough, and they need to try themselves on something longer, harder, and more complicated. The hard-earned money went into airsoft, so why not check your possibilities in a bigger game? At first, the preparations seem to be quite easy – you just put yourself on the list, pay the fee and wait for the event. However, a week before the game you realize, that it requires more preparations than a skirmish. What to eat? Where to sleep? How much ammunition and water do I need? The most important thing is that the tactical equipment should be lightweight and, of course, packable, while still providing proper conditions to survive “comfortably” the whole game and have the strength for all the activities.

Picture 1. What should we take to skirmish

what should we take to skirmish


Each part of the equipment (and airsoftgun) should be useful and needed for the game. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. I have spent my first 24-hour game with the plate carrier and… big cargo pouch with the food :D.


Let’s start with the basics. What are the features of 24-hour equipment?

  • It should be as light as possible – just the essentials
  • You should be comfortable with it in all weather conditions and temperatures, that are possible to happen
  • It should deliver a proper amount of water
  • It should be suitable both for daytime and the nighttime
  • It should still camouflage you in the field
  • It should have a proper amount of the ammunition

The configuration of the equipment

First of all, take off that plate carrier. I know, it looks cool and stuff, however, it is also heavy and its capacity is not as big as the mini chest rigs or belt kits. I would recommend the usage of chest rigs or beltkits, with a bigger sympathy for the chest rigs. Thanks to the modularity of that kind of kit – you can use it as a combo of the battle belt, chest rig and backpack, while the belt kits are often a whole thing that cannot be split into the smaller part – and this is the crucial feature for the long games. In the base, you can use just the battle belt. During the short mission, you can leave the backpack in the base and use only the belt and chest rig for ammunition. For the sleeping – you can keep a spare magazine in the cargo pouch of the pants, and have the battle belt nearby – it should be enough for a short attack at the base. On the other hand – here is where the belt kit advantage shows up. It’s very fast to put on and deliver you a full kit for the action, not just the part of it. But it’s not enough for me to say, that it’s better than the chest rig.

Staying on the topic of the equipment, I have the last tip for you. Don’t go with the kit for the first time ever in the 24 hour game – try it before the event. Take a long walk with it and fix all the uncomfortable parts of it, because they’ll be incredibly frustrating in the longer period. The 4-hour game set is often not suitable for the longer maneuvers.


The ammunition

Better to have it, than to ask for it. Nine to twelve magazines should be an optimum for the most of the games. However, if the rules allow it – take a spare bag of bbs with yourself in the compressed Ziploc. The magazines should be placed on all of the modules of the kit – in the first line, second and third, in order to be always available.

Picture 2. You can’t have too many magazines

tactical equipment- magazines for airsoftguns

The gadgets and accessories

The 24-hour games usually don’t have any break during the gameplay, so you’ll need a source of light or even a bunch of them:

  • a high power flashlight for the rifle
  • a pocket flashlight/head flashlight
  • a red flashing marker

The optional thing is a source of the red light – it’s less aggressive for the eye in the night, while still making things visible in the dark.  Remember to get a set of spare batteries for all the electronic tools!

Picture 3. Be ready to operate at night or in dark places

operate at night or in dark places

The survival

I think I don’t have to tell you, that the knife and a bunch of BiC lighters are crucial for the survival needs in the forest, right? 😉 Besides that, you’ll also need:

  • water – AT LEAST 3 liters (both for drinking and cooking)
  • food – two-three MREs will do the job, you can also complete a food ration by yourself (more about that soon), something to heat the food is also useful (I’m a huge fan of the mini stoves that are fueled with branches)
  • something to sleep – the isolation from the ground is crucial. I would also recommend some kind of sleeping bag or at least the emergency blanket. The hammock works also great.


And that’s all. Mre helpful tips and hints about skirmishes can be found here.

Just be sure to not bring the whole camping tent to the respawn :D.

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