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Who am I? Where am I going? A few words about me.

Hi everyone. Let’s start with the formalities. My name is Paweł. My nickname – Fishbonee. I’m 20 years old and live in Poland in Silesia. Presently, I study psychology and spend my free time playing airsoft, at shooting at range or polishing my car ;). As you’re going to read my posts here regularly (at least I hope so), it is worth to introduce myself. Now, after we already broke the ice, let me tell you a little about my adventure with airsoft.

My story with airsoft

One may say, that I was born with my finger on the trigger. From an early age I was touching with my hands everything that looked similar to a gun. Later, there were some toy guns, FPS games, war movies etc. When I was exploring the internet I looked for some bb guns in it. It turned out that it is possible to get them online, even the electric ones! By this way I have bought my first electric plastic m4 rifle.  After about a half of the year of shooting it in the garden I finally broke it – plastic gears wore off and my lovely gun was gone.

When I was looking for better replicas, the „professional” ones (with the metal gearbox inside!) I found out the  polish WMASG.pl portal. It was 2009. I almost immediately registered there with my super commando nickname: Professional_Sniper (Zawodowy_Snajper). After joining in I felt like hungry of knowledge man, who just stepped into a giant library. I have read almost everything on that site. All the tests, FAQs, the polish airsoft rules, just everything. But I didn’t write there anything by myself, because I felt too uneducated for discussion there. Finally, I got my hands on my first usable replica –the mp5k PDW made by Galaxy. Of course it was almost all plastic, but it had metal gearbox and bigger weight than my old plastic m4 toy. I was sooooo delighted!

Obviously I was definitely too young to play airsoft and I was completely aware of it. I stuck to some „traning” by shooting targets in the garden. The more you have, the more you want, so I also bought my first GBB pistol later (yup, it also was Chinese made) – Army R17. Then I’ve decided to upgrade my mp5. I’ve bought complete mp5 metal body with hop up chamber and barrel from CYMA (CM041), but I haven’t been aware that my mp5 had v3 gearbox, and normal mp5 takes the v2 type, so I have also bought a complete V2 gearbox made by CYMA. That was the genesis of my first self-built airsoft replica. I used it on my first skirmish – CQB game in ASG site in Kraków with my friends. Because I was a freshman in it, I had only low cap magazine for my mp5 and my R17 with some gas. I have ordered six mp5 magazines and pouches for them before that game, but unfortunately – they didn’t arrive on time. After that game I knew that I’m going to play airsoft at every moment I can.


Few months later, when spring and airsoft season arrived, I went for my next skirmish. This time it was in forest in Załęska Hałda. I didn’t have a team, nor car so I settled with Scharf by WMASG forum. He was a member of 1ŚDKA Duchy at that time. I went to that event with them and played the Capture The Flag scenario. From that moment I’ve started playing regularly. I still didn’t have a team, but I was cooperating with Duchy. I’ve helped them with organising some events to spread knowledge about airsoft to other people.

After few months Scharf have been creating a new airsoft team and asked me to join in. Although I didn’t like the wz93 camo pattern, I accepted his offer and my real airsoft adventure have just begun.

For a few weeks we were working as team, but yet without a name. On one training we have decided to make a vote for our team name. This was the moment, when SGO Perun was officialy created. After that, we made our logo, a facebook page, unified our camouflage pattern and have started training the green tactics.

When I’m writting that text, we already exist for third year and we are one of the most recognizable airsoft teams in Silesia, and we are still trying our best to spread our range further. We often take a part in bigger airsoft events or even expositions (for example: Expo Shooting Silesia).

That’s briefly my airsoft story. If you’re interested in more details about my team or my replicas – expect more!


My gear


Something that everybody loves –list of my actual guns:
– GFG17 – at the beginning it was a magpul mag-k, but it became something more like a tacticool AK-104
– R27 Army – Colt 1911 MEU
– R28 Army – Colt 1911 Kimber – did I told you that I love 1911’s?
– Beretta M92FS KWC,  the spring one – sentimental


And some of replicas I had:
– G.5 PDW Galaxy – mpk5 pdw
– CM.041 – mp5a4 – built by myself with separately bought parts
– Glock 17 Army – my first GBB pistol
– Steyr AUG A2 JG
– M4 SO Boyi
– G36 JG/GFC
– G36 Boyi
– Sig Sauer SP2022 KWC – beautiful replica, I had it with Shooters Design slide and 2 magazines
– M4 Specna Arms
– HK416 Boyi
– AK74su Boyi
– Steyr AUG A3 JG
– Glock 17 Army – got it for my 18th birthday from friends 😉
– 1911C WE


Tactical Gear:
– SPECOPS ULPC with Templars Gear pouches
– Condor Duty belt:
2×2 m4/AK pouch from no name, sprayed with FOSCO paint
ACM utility touch, also sprayed with FOSCO
medium sized cargo from SOE chestrig
horizontal pouch for flashlight
IMI Defense 1911 holster
– SOE chestrig, currently ogołocony without pouches, waiting for configuration
– Baofeng UV5-re with Bowman and U94 PTT made by Z-Tactical
– black ESS Ice and SwissEye Stingray

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the new articles, they’ll be available soon!


  1. Scharf says:

    Tyle Cie znam a tu takie ciekawostki 😀

  2. Jakub Idzkowski says:

    Fichbonee a może jakiś artykuł o twoim szpeju? Bardzo chętnie bym coś takiego przeczytał szczególnie że swoją osobą zainspirowałeś mnie i do utaktycznionego AK i do zbierania szpeju w naszej polskiej WZ-cie.

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