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Interesting story with these waist bags … I do not remember when it has started, but for some time we have been living in interesting times, where almost every respected Tactical Redneck has such a tactical waist bag, and this piece of equipment is no longer just an attribute of stallholders using it to keep the money they get for selling potatoes. Simultaneously with fashion for tactical waist bags, there was a fashion for civilian “Quivers of Righteousness,” now being replaced by fashionable handbags. Nevertheless, that’s another story, so draw the veil of silence over it. Prior to the boom in waist bags sales, the most popular models in a tactical environment were definitely the classic Octa and countless copies of that product manufactured by Maxpedition. There were also copies of the kosher American waist bag from the FSBE system and actually, that was it. Nowadays practically every brand which is making tactical equipment has a tactical waist bag in its assortment, like many manufacturers and small tailors. I’m not sure if my thinking is correct, but the beginning of this trend can be associated with the release of the iconic waist bag from Survivaltech. Subsequently, Baribal started to produce their copies of those bags and finally, no one could stop that process. In 2017 a fresh brand- Primal Gear decided to add a new chapter to the story called “Tactical Waist Bags”.


Nerka Primal Gear - widok ogólny 2

The construction

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the new Primal Gear Waist Bag is the size. There’s no denying, the bag is big. It was designed in the classic banana shape. Therefore, despite its large size, this waist bag is comfortable and looks better than the one made by Baribal. Both products are equally large. Of course, there is no “low profile” on my mind, but wearing such a classic waist bag is very comfortable. When it comes to the cut style this bag is not a copy of a specific model available on the market. Primal Gear has combined patents known from several different bags. As a result, we have received the model which is the closest to Polish Wisport Gekon.


Primal Gear Waist Bag - widok ogólny


What about its construction? This waist bag has a large main chamber with enough space to put in all my EDC from my commonly used bag from Husar. Duh, the whole Husar’s bag fits inside! After fitting in all my stuff from the Husar’s bag, there was still plenty of space. Thus I added so-called second line equipment from my backpack. You know things like an emergency raincoat, glasses or power bank.

Nerka primal Gear komora przód
Nerka Primal Gear - komora tył.

Beside the main pocket on the back of this bag, we can find a flat pocket where I carry small items such as waterproof notebook, NRC foil, or a chewing gum pack. On the front side, you can find the pocket with the Velcro closure which will fit in the micro-first aid. I miss a little organizer inside these pockets – a few compartments or rubber goggles, which allow you to organize your accessories. But you can easily handle without that.

Additional pockets

On the right side, you can find a small pocket with the fastex flap closure. The pocket is quite tight and I think it could be used to carry the phone as long as it will be a 4-inch smartphone. For bigger, nowadays models, it would be too small. On the left, MOLLE / PALS tapes were sewn and an additional pocket was attached to them. The bag has a zipper and additional open front pocket dedicated to a phone or other electronic devices. The pocket can be unfastened and pinned to any other MOLLE equipment, such as a backpack. It has also the D-ring for hanging. Modular MOLLE / PALS tapes are also on the upper flap. Thanks to that, we can attach additional gadgets like shock-cord on the upper side of the bag.

A few more words about construction

The Primal Gear’s Waist Bag was made from Nylon 1000D, sometimes called “Chinese Corduria” and it must admit that the quality of the material is actually better than the one used in the standard Chinese hardware. Both the texture and the colors are similar to those you can find in original Cordura. Additionally, fastex tapes, locks, and buckles were made really well. When it comes to the quality of the sewing it is surprisingly high.  All of this place the product from Primal Gear much closer to those produced by Emerson and TMC than to equipment from GFC Tactical.

Nerka Priaml Gear - zbliżenie

The patent that I have never used, but maybe you will find it useful, MOLLE cells fixed to the back side. They allow you to attach the waist bag to a backpack and use it as a normal cargo pocket. However, you should note that there are no mounting straps included, so you have to organize them on your own. There is also no way to detach the carrier strap from the bag. The last detail worth mentioning would be a Velcro Velcro panel on the front pocket but it is an obligatory part of all tactical waist bags.

Nerka Primal Gear zbliżenie

The summary

Thanks to the banana shape cut Primal Gear’s bag is very capacious and comfortable to wear. However, you have to remember that carrying such an overloaded bag may be a big inconvenience for some of you. Especially if you considered it as the everyday item. Nevertheless, I consider this capacity a big plus. Primal Gear’s waist bag can be very useful not only for everyday use but also during the trip to the woods or gameplay because we will be able to carry a lot of stuff in it. This is a very good solution when we have a light chest or carrier plate packed with magazines or a holster only, and we need to add some extra items like a pack of balls, candy-bars, a toolkit and even a bottle of water. Instead of carrying a backpack, we can put on a vest and add this waist bag. To sum up the Waist Bag from Primal Gear can be used not only as the EDC or outdoor equipment but it will also perfectly work out as the tactical waist bag for the airsoft gameplay.

Nerka Primal Gear - widok ogólny 3

Main features:

  • very large capacity
  • useful additional pockets
  • classic, anatomical shape
  • high-quality Nylon 1000D
  • nice and steady cut
  • attractive price

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