Military clothing is one of the basic elements of every airsoft’s equipment. But what to decide when the choice of different types of military clothing is so large. Starting from complete uniform sets available in various camouflage variants, through individual elements of military clothing such as comfortable tactical pants, winter jackets and raincoats, and ending with hats, scarves or balaclavas. Among the products in this category, there are also various types of uniform sets and special outfits and masking hoods for snaipers, which after matching to the given terrain are perfect as tactical clothing for the nearest shooter.

man in a military uniform, underwear

After choosing the right uniform, you should think about thermo-active clothing that will work during airsoft games or sports on cold days.

Military clothing – do I need it?

When choosing for ASG games, it’s worth thinking about choosing the right outfit. Tactical clothing made of durable materials, allowing free movement and very functional, works much better than ordinary tracksuits. In addition to comfort and functionality, tactical clothing will allow us to camouflage ourselves properly, which will give us an element of surprise in contact with opponents. In addition, properly selected military clothing or realistic-looking elements of military clothing will make our games real. This is also important when setting up a team where appropriate military clothing can allow us to unify the team. Military clothing will also be important if you want to take part in more advanced shooters or milsims. Especially in the latter case, equipment corresponding to actually existing formations, in particular military clothing, is one of the basic registration criteria. Of course, novice players who have just bought an airsoft replica and are in the process of completing their own equipment can do without a full set of military clothing or high-quality tactical clothing. However, if you plan to get involved with airsoft for a long time, you should think about your own comfort and equip yourself with the right military clothing or shoes from any of the renowned brands such as Pentagon, Helikon-Tex, Esdy or GFC Tactical.

Jackets and sweatshirts

When we prepare for the trip to the ASG game and pack our equipment, it is good to have a place for a jacket or sweatshirt next to the ASG replica, vest and other accessories. Properly completed tactical equipment will allow you to play ASG in all conditions. Therefore, it is worth finding a place for a jacket or sweatshirt that protects against rain, wind or cold. In addition, if you plan to shoot at night, buying a suitable jacket is a must.

Among the offers of airsoft stores, certainly everyone will find something for themselves. There are both light jackets that will protect you from the wind, jackets covered with a special coating to protect against moisture, and warm jackets and sweatshirts for cold days. Tactical jackets are often light and comfortable to use due to the use of light and breathable materials. They are also characterized by a high level of functionality. Many manufacturers use various types of Velcro or puller systems, YKK zippers or durable and waterproof fabrics. Thanks to this type of solutions, jackets work well for ASG players and employees of uniformed services. In addition, they are often available in different colors and camouflage variants, which will certainly make it easier to match them with other items of clothing. Importantly, when choosing this type of jacket, we will also use it outside the battlefield. Tactical clothing is amazing tourist clothing that will help us survive even very demanding weather conditions. It will also be a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts because the jackets look good, some models have a hood and headphones channel. Thanks to this, it also works well in everyday use.


Scarves and shawls

chusta do airsoftu, czarna i strzelec ASG

Scarves and shawls are further accessories that will fulfill their role both when playing airsoft and in everyday use. These are additional equipment elements that perform many functions and can be very useful in many situations. Among the models available on the market you will find such strictly for airsoft as scarves to mark the hit person as well as universal models of scarves and scarves that you will be able to wear on both shooters and everyday. Airsoft scarves can have a lot of functions. During games on hot and sunny days, you can protect your head with them, and cool or windy shelter from wind and cold. This small element of our tactical equipment is a simple way of masking, it will replace a balaclava and in extreme situations it will be useful when you want to make a sling. In addition, it is a complement to our styling or uniform set. However, the scarves we offer are also great as an interesting addition to your everyday wardrobe or during trips.

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