A while ago the world has seen the new budget tactical equipment producer – The Primal Gear. Of course, the internet went crazy with the cynical opinions – of course, it is another cheap Chinese knockoff with a different label! I wouldn’t take it for free! As it has turned out after two tests (waist bag and shoulder bag) made by Chaos – the cheap doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a rubbish. This time we’ll test something made typically for the tactical use – the plate carrier and magazine pouches. Both, of course, made in fancy and very fashionable tactical grey colors. But the tactical fashion is not the today’s topic. Let’s start with the gear.


Rush Plate Carrier - general look


The construction

The Rush Plate Carrier is, of course, based on the real deal, famous and best in the world – Crye Precision JPC Plate Carrier. Someone oriented in the gear projects will notice that almost immediately. But doesn’t this apply to almost every modern Plate Carrier on the market?  You can’t reinvent the wheel like they say. Especially then the Crye have completely owned their homework in projecting. Let’s talk about the construction now.

The Plate Carrier base contains 2 panels – the front one and the rear one. Both of them is supposed to carry a ballistic plate. The user doesn’t need to worry about the purchase of them because Primal Gear sends their plate carrier with two thick formed foam plate copies inside. In opposite to the plastic dummy SAPIs from other producers, they’re not that bad and work pretty well.

The plates are secured with velcro, so no worries about losing them.

The panels of the vest are connected by two shoulder straps. They’re also the points of adjustment for the individual preferences. There are also additional comfort pads that reduce the unpleasant feeling of the equipment weight carried on the back. Loops for the Camelbak or radio cables are also worth mentioning.

Rush Plate Carrier - straps

Rush Plate Carrier - straps 2

Rush Plate Carrier - straps 3

On the back, we have the skeleton type Cummerbund, which is mounted with elastic shockcord (not the normal paracord, like in the most Chinese knockoffs). It makes the plate carrier fit tight to the user, without making any breathing issues.

Rush Plate Carrier - cummerband

On the front panel, we have an insert kangaroo pouch for 3 STANAG type magazines with additional shingles. In the upper part of the front plate, there is also a velcroed inside pouch for 3 pistol magazines or multitool, flashlight etc. This pouch lacks special loop/handle for opening, which makes the use extremely frustrating. Well, you can’t have everything, at least not for that price. Both panels have molle pals on the outside, so there is a possibility to put on more pouch and increase the capacity of the gear.

Rush Plate Carrier - pouches

Rush Plate Carrier - pouches and panels

Rush Plate Carrier - small pouch


The materials

The Rush Plate Carrier is made of the infamous Nylon 1000D. Why the infamous? Because everybody says so. At first sight, the material seems to be fine for me and I would say that it’s probably tough enough for the airsoft use. Of course, I won’t try hanging myself on the tree with that vest ;).

Rush Plate Carrier - materials

Rush Plate Carrier - materials 2

I really don’t like the white tips of the shockord. There is a lot of them in the construction, which makes it far less aesthetic.

Rush Plate Carrier - shockord

On the inside part of both panels, we won’t find anything more than a piece of mesh. There is a lack of any comfort pads nor mesh for ventilation, which will make the plate carrier pretty unpleasant to wear during hot summer.



The quality

At first sight, the quality of Rush Plate Carrier seems to be ok – no positive or negative emotions there. But with a closer look you can spot a few defects. Crooked molle pals. Strands. Imprecise cutting of the material.

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship 2

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship 3

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship 4

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship, closeup

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship, closeup 2

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship, closeup 3

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship, closeup 4

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship panels

Rush Plate Carrier - quality of workmanship, strands

Primal Gear label

However, these are defects that you must be prepared for when buying gear for this price.



After making proper adjustments, the plate carrier sits pretty well on the user. Thanks to the skeleton cummerbund with shockord, the construction doesn’t wobble even during dynamic games, while still making the breathing possible. During the autumn and winter, the thermal comfort is fine, but during the summer I would recommend finding a replacement for this equipment. The “ballistic plates” also do their job properly, thanks to the thick and curved foam. As I have said before, the most annoying issue with the plate carrier is the lack of handles for opening the upper inside pouch and the kangaroo pouch.



The Primal Gear Rush Plate Carrier is the product that is worth its exact price. It doesn’t look like a cheapest Chinese product, but you still must keep in mind that it’s made from cheaper materials, than the more expensive products on the market. Summing up – it’s a good choice for fresh players.




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  1. PsychCor3 says:

    “W wewnętrznej stronie paneli poza naprawdę drobnymi wstawkami z siatki dystansowej nie znajdziemy żadnych wstawek poprawiających wentylację kamizelki, czy też komfort jej noszenia. Co prawda obecnie mamy okres zimowy i niespecjalnie to przeszkadza, jednak latem brak siatki dystansowej mocno da nam w kość.” … to, jak mniemam przy chodzeniu, więc zakładam, że przy bieganiu można by się było w niej ugotować. Chciałem tego typu kamizelkę zaadaptować do biegania zamiast plecaków do tego stworzonych, ale chyba (jednak) trzeba będzie pomyśleć o plecaku :-/.