The CYMA P90 is currently one of the cheapest AEG on the market. During sales, its price can be sometimes around 100$! Thanks to that, its often considered as the first replica for new players or people, who just want another gun in their collection for a fair price. Personally, I belong to the second side and for the experimental purposes, I have bought myself a brand new P90 from CYMA. What are my first impressions with the Belgian bullpup construction?

The package

The box itself can be a little surprise – its a simple styrofoam with foil and cardboard cover, like in the cheapest plastic AEGs for kids. The cardboard part itself doesn’t have any producer, nor model number markings. What’s inside?

  • the CM.060 replica
  • magazine
  • cleaning rod (!)
  • speedloader (!)
  • NiMh 9,6V battery
  • a pack of useless garbage BBs.

The externals

cm 0.60 externals

Our machine pistol is made of 2 parts – the upper and lower receiver.

cm 0.60 upper receiver

cm 0.60 main spring

cm 0.60 replica

cm 0.60 replica

cm 0.60 ris rail

The upper receiver is made of pot metal. The flash hider is also made of metal. On the upper part, there is a RIS rail, which has an implemented minimalistic sights. These are not adjustable nor comfortable in use, however, it must be said that they are also very low-profile.

cm 0.60 upper receiver

cm 0.60 upper receiver

cm 0.60 upper receiver

The lower receiver is made of two polymer halves. Inside of the body, there is a heart of our CYMA – the gearbox. There is also the battery compartment in the “stock”. The texture of the body is quite nice to the eye – its black matte.  The “stock” pad is made of plastic and unfortunately – it’s not coated with rubber or sharp texture, so it can slide a lot on the equipment during aiming.

cm 0.60 replica

The fire selector is placed right behind the trigger. It has 3 options – 1, A and S, which are (in order) the semi, auto and safe modes.

cm 0.60 replica

There is also the metal fake charging handle. It is ambidextrous and doesn’t have any little affect on the usage of the gun. Just makes it cooler, I guess.

The magazine

It is made of clear polymer. There are the fake 5,7 mm cartridges inside, which make it very good-looking. It is a low cap with the capacity of 68 BBs. What’s interesting, it has also the markings of the real caliber of the firearm. The surface of the magazine isn’t perfect – there are some moldings.

cm 0.60 magazine 5

cm 0.60 magazine 4

cm 0.60 magazine 3

cm 0.60 magazine 2

cm 0.60 magazine

cm 0.60 replica outlook


The internals

Inner barrel and hop-up chamber

cm 0.60 inners

cm 0.60 hop-up chamber

The great advantage of the P90 construction is the easiness of the hop-up and barrel replacement, which makes the maintenance very comfortable and pleasant (more about this topic here). Just follow the steps: remove the magazine, press the latch under the mag well, slide the upper receiver off the gun, press the hop-up chamber inside and twist for 90 degrees and pull. Voila! Now you can have fun with your HU.

cm 0.60 hop-up chamber

Talking about the hop up chamber, it is made of white, cheap plastic. The barrel with rubber sit inside pretty loose and could use some Teflon tape. The hop up chamber is the rotary type, which is more precise than the typical M4 chambers with the 3 gears. It’s also easier to disassembly and reassembly. The adjustment in this P90 is not that precise like it could be, because of the too small o-ring. I recommend to swap it for a bigger one or at least cover it with some very stick grease.

cm 0.60 hop-up bucking and inner barrel

cm 0.60 hop-up bucking

The hop-up rubber is, for the Chinese product, very good! It is soft to the touch and is molded properly. After all these years, CYMA changed their hard hop up rubbers for some silicone ones. The distanser is a standard type and is also pretty soft.

cm 0.60 replica inner barrel

The inner barrel is a typical stock brass pipe. The finishing of the barrel is noticeable with its rash texture.

The gearbox

cm 0.60 replica gearbox

The heart of CM.060 is the V6 gearbox. Its shell is made of ZnAl. The pot metal is very soft in the motor cage – keep that in mind during the disassembly, because it will be easy to destroy the threads. The middle bearing is nonstandard and copied from the Marui type V6. The other two bearings are the standard steel ones with the 6 mm diameter.  On the outside of the mechanism, there is the trigger module with the wiring. I would recommend to replace the wiring and put the MOSFET inside.

cm 0.60 replica motor

cm 0.60 replica motor 2


Coming back to the motor cage – inside it there is a standard Chinese motor with weak magnets and low speed. If you think about any upgrades – replace the motor as fast as possible, the change will be noticeable even with the cheap Chinese Neodym motors (like Golden Eagle or CYMA with blue plastics). You can also spare a little more cash and get a Tornado unit. The stock motor uses the “D” type pinion gear.

cm 0.60 replica gearbox

cm 0.60 replica gearbox shell

cm 0.60 replica gearbox shell 2

After opening the gearbox you’ll notice a lot of blue, sticky grease, probably the lithium one.

The spring and spring guide

cm 0.60 replica spring

The spring is with the irregular coils, probably the M120 type. It is placed on the metal spring guide with bearings.

The pneumatics

cm 0.60 replica gears

The pneumatics are plastic piston with one metal tooth and flat plastic head, the brass type 1 cylinder with the plastic cylinder head. The nozzle is also made of cheap plastic and doesn’t have any additional sealing. The air nozzle guide is made properly.

The air sealing of the whole module is… horrible. The air leaks almost at every part, which needs to be fixed. The leaks are in:

  • piston head (the o-ring is too small)
  • the cylinder head (sits too loose in the cylinder)
  • the air nozzle (no sealing )

After fixing these leakings you can easily get the “syringe effect” (maybe you want an article about the procedure?). The inside of the cylinder is not clear and there is a lot of the silicon grease. The excess grease finds its way to the nozzle and hop-up bucking.

The gears

cm 0.60 replica gears

A standard steel 18:1 type. They seem to be sturdy, however like in the most chinese guns – they are terribly shimmed and whine while shooting. It is worth to take a while for a proper shimming or send the gun to the service. By the by, replace the grease.

The usage

pistolet maszynowy cm 0.60

I’ve complained “a little” in the upper part of this text, but the CYMA P90 is still usable straight from the box! With Specna Arms 0,28 g BBs and proper hop-up adjustment, you can effectively hit the targets at the range of 40 meters. More experienced players can notice the lack of the trigger response and the low rate of fire on the stock NiMh 9,6V battery. It’s caused mostly by the weak motor and bad shimming with an addition of sticky grease. However, for the new players, it’s a great starter pack for their first games. The magazines also perform pretty well, despite some poor moldings. They feed the BBs properly and don’t leave any last BBs inside chamber nor the magazine. The construction can be both loved or hated. The pros are:

  • weight
  • compact size
  • bullpup construction – longer barrel in a shorter package, with the silencer it can take even the full-length M4 inner barrel!
  • the magazines that don’t touch the ground – make the laying body less visible

The cons are:

  • problematic in carrying magazines – they require a proper equipment
  • hard to use mechanical sights
  • the element that keeps the gearbox secured is made fully of plastic, so the threads can woear off during the disassembling the gun too many times

The summary

The CM.060 is a very nice product for its decent price. It can be a good choice for new players, who like the non-standard (or what I like it to call – non-AK/M4) constructions. With a use of small amount of money and work, you can upgrade it and make it perform even better in the airsoft games. I’ve bought my Brick for the exact reason – to experiment with it and try to rise its rate of fire. More about that soon!


  1. Paweł says:

    Chętnie poczytałbym co masz do powiedzenia nt. strzykawki 🙂

  2. Pstryk says:

    Fajnie napisane, chętnie przeczytałbym o modyfikacjach jakie zrobiłeś i jakie przyniosły efekt. Zamierzam rozpocząć swoją przygodę z air softem właśnie od tej repliki (już zamówiona). Na początek interesuje mnie głównie CQB, a więc koniecznośc wymiany sprężyny, przy okazji okablowanie i mosfet. Później zobaczymy. Dylemat mam tylko jaką sprężynę zamówić żeby zejść <350 fps, czy M100 będzie w porządku?