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It’s a Sunday morning. The ring of alarm clocks kick you roughly out of the dream (why all games start so early in the morning?) and you look with your blurry sight at the window from bed. Something is wrong. You approach the window slowly and move the curtains. Something is definitely wrong. A quick wipe of eyes and… it’s raining! Maybe the game is canceled? What if it’s not? Will the replica work? Will I get wet? Is it possible to play in this conditions?


Source: SGO Perun archive

There are many questions and reactions for this view in the morning. Some people will just run from the house with the equipment and a smile on their face, some people will stay in the cozy bed, and some will go out and play with gritted teeth. The last ones are the heroes!

The autumn is here, so these situations are going to be quite frequent. It would be a pity to throw the gun in the corner and wait for the spring, so it’s a high time to get your gear ready for the contact with water.


The Airsoft replica

Replika Specna Arms - kolor czarny


Most of the players use the AEGs, so we let’s talk just about them. Probably most of you have been wondering what will happen if the electric gun has a contact with water? Well… it depends. But depends on what?

It depends on the electronics. The most basic AEG rifles will perform normally. However, MOSFET users should be aware of the risk. The electronics must be perfectly sealed. I was using my AK with simple MOSFET in the heavy rain a few times, and nothing happened.

Nevertheless, the users of the advanced electronics (ASCU or GATE TITAN) should be worried. It’s because this kind of replicas CAN fail in the rain. The best they can do is in fact, to get a backup gun for the worse better conditions. I used my GATE TITAN once in the rain, and it ended with a few sound signals and unplugging the battery…



Apart from the electronics itself – if both us and our replica survive shooting in the rain, it should be taken care of properly after returning. Steel elements should get our special attention. They like to catch rust so users of puddles, beware! The easiest way to do so field strip replicas and wipe all water with a cloth. It will not hurt cleaning the inner barrel too.


The Airsoft accesories

Most of the airsoft scopes and red dot sights are waterproof and will perform properly. However, the users of the Eotech copies should be aware, that their optics have little resistance to bad conditions – including the rain. For them, it is better to leave the electronic sights at home.


Repliki kolimatorów - Eotech


Other airsoft accesories like flashlights, IR iluminators etc. should perform fine.


The clothing

Source: SGO Perun archive

The airsoft is not only about the guns, but also about the clothing and equipment. You will definitely agree, that the clothing is extremely important during the rain. It is worth to get the wearing, that can be used in the rain comfortably. The most basic gear is a poncho, but I would recommend to get a universal softshell jacket (which should perform fine if it is properly impregnated) or go a level higher and buy a less compact, but more sturdy and water-resistant hardshell jacket. Don’t forget about the proper shoes!


Source: SGO Perun archive

Maybe during the heavy rain, they won’t make a great difference. However, in a drizzle, they can become a HUGE deal. What am I talking about? Walking gaiters. Everyone, who has ever walked through the high and extremely wet grass will agree.

Next time, when the game day is also a rainy day – get out and play!

Do you have any other ideas on how to prepare for airsoft in rain? Write them in comments. You can find more information on preparation for airsoft skirmishes here.

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  1. Trela says:

    Im dłużej się w to bawię, tym częściej dochodzę do wniosku, że nie jest tak ważne czy nie przemokniemy (szczególnie przy dużej ulewie) ale czy szybko wyschniemy, a przy tym będzie nam w miarę ciepło. Mega sprawdzają się w tym softshelle i bielizna ze sztucznych materiałów.

    Sam staram się ubiór dobierać pod wytyczne US Army i mega to działa: