DIY – fixing the leaking pistol magazine (Marui compatible 1911)

DIY – fixing the leaking pistol magazine (Marui compatible 1911)

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some day (maybe not in the legendary Marui case 😉 ) your gbb pistol magazine will start leaking. In some cases, it will be a very small amount of gas (but noticeable within week or two), and in other situations – it will even make a characteristic sound of leaking gas. Sounds familiar to you? Say no more! After reading this article, you’ll be able to repair it by yourself.

Diagnosing the problem

You already know that there is a leak, but don’t know the source of it? To check where is it coming from, you’ll need to do the “water test”. Just simply fill your gas-filled magazine in the container filled with water and look for the bubbles. The source of the bubbles is the source of the leak. There are a few possibilities:

– the injection valve
– a screw that keeps the gas container in the magazine shell
– the output valve
– the upper magazine gasket
– the gas container gasket



Solving the problem

1. If the problem is with the injection valve, you just probably lost its little oring. The easiest way is to get a new one from some old lighter – you can pull it out with a needle. I would also recommend to bath it for a while in the silicone oil. The installation of this part is pretty simple – place the oring on top of the injection valve and press it with the green gas bottle noozle. Voila!

If the issue still exist, it is possible that the injection valve screw is loosen and needs to be tighten up. Try to retighten it with a small flat screwdriver.

2. If the problem is with the output valve, there will be probably a need to replace its inside oring or even the whole part. Unfortunately, to dismount this valve you’ll need a special key, because of the characteristic built of the head of the valve. To cheer you up, I’ll tell you that is a pretty rare issue.

3. If the problem is with the upper magazine gasket, it probably have been damaged by something and needs to be replaced with the new one. The replacement is really easy – just push out 2 pins that hold the magazine lip (but remember about the spring and bb feeder!) and you’ll get a full access to this rubber gasket.

4. If the leaking gas bubbles are coming from the magazine plate, it means that the inner gasket needs to be fixed or just the screw that holds the magazine plate needs to be tighten up. However, the most common issue is with the inner gasket.

First of all – unscrew the the magazine plate and pull it out. Be aware of the little oring that is placed on the screw – it’s necessary to keep the construction sealed.

Look out for the magazine spring – in can easily fall off. At this moment I would also recommend you to clean the magazine from the old grease and dust.

You should also notice the rectangular shaped oring on the gas container – remove it with the flathead screwdriver or toothpick.

Now it’s time for the lithium grease and the old fashioned teflon tape – we’ll do the teflon fix to the gas magazine ;). Put the lithium grease in the gasket cavity and wrap it around with 1-2 layers of the teflon. Meanwhile, you can bath the gasket in the silicone oil.

Put the gasket on its place and wrap it again with the teflon tape.

Apply the lithium grease (the excess amount of the grease will be squeezed out).
Put the magazine plate with the gas container back in the magazine shell (it will give you some ressistance, because of the thicker built) and screw it tightly.

Have fun with your fresh repaired magazine!

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